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  1. India’s Muslims and the Price of Partition
    India’s Muslim population has begun to fear that the anxieties of the Muslims who fought for the creation of Pakistan could be coming true.
  2. Christianity Does Not Justify Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’
    The Rev. Robert Jeffress promoted a twisted theology that fetishizes violence.
  3. In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest
    Muslims had threatened to tear down a 100-foot statue of the deity Guan Yu, which was built outside the gates of a Chinese Confucian temple last month.
  4. The Serial Killer Test: Biases Against Atheists Emerge in Study
    Most people around the world, whether religious or not, presume that serial killers are more likely to be atheists than believers in any god, a new study suggests.
  5. What the ‘Government Schools’ Critics Really Mean
    The roots of the phrase lie not in libertarian economics but in Confederate rebellion.
  6. When Jewish Parents Decide Not to Circumcise
    If parents skip the bris, can a son still be Jewish?
  7. Don’t Believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O.s
    The less religious people are, the more likely they are to think aliens exist.
  8. Dos países, una congregación
    Una iglesia da misa en ambos lados de la frontera, en Naco, Sonora y Naco, Arizona, para ayudar a conectar tanto a vecinos como a familias que están separadas por las vallas fronterizas.
  9. One Congregation. Two Countries.
    In Naco, Ariz., one church holds services on both sides of the border to connect neighbors and families who are separated by four city blocks and miles upon miles of thick steel posts.
  10. Should Tyler Cowen Believe in God?
    A long dialogue with an agnostic economist.
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