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  1. 8 Podcasts for the Spiritual Searcher
    Even as organized religion loses adherents, Americans continue to seek higher meaning in their lives.
  2. Are We Headed for War With Iran?
    And have conservatives given up on liberal democracy?
  3. Tiny Love Stories: ‘Our Families Couldn’t Know’
    Modern Love in miniature, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words. For this issue, we sought stories from our Indian readers.
  4. Is the Religious Right Privileged?
    The history of race and religion under liberalism is a tangle, not just a morality play.
  5. How Battles Over Serving Same-Sex Couples Play Out in Court
    The Supreme Court just declined to hear a case in which a bakery refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple. Here’s a look at similar past cases.
  6. The Age of Aquarius, All Over Again!
    Belief in astrology and the occult is surging.
  7. Are Republicans ‘Pro-Life’ Beyond Abortion?
    Readers discuss an Op-Ed by an opponent of abortion who criticized Republicans for “ideological inconsistency.”
  8. Who’s Afraid of Arabic Numerals?
    Before there was a Western civilization, there was Islamic civilization.
  9. Trump’s Day of Prayer
    In the On Politics newsletter: What do the president’s recent trips to Japan, Britain and a Virginia church have in common? Flattery.
  10. Pope Francis Seeks to Mend Open Wounds With Orthodox Church in Romania
    After centuries of schism and decades of Communist rule that imprisoned, killed and otherwise persecuted Catholics, hard feelings remain.


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