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  1. Muslim Groups Raise Thousands for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims
    Religious differences aside, the activist who started the fund-raiser said, “the core of all of us is that we have a shared humanity.”
  2. Ireland Voters to Decide on New President and Old Anti-Blasphemy Law
    Michael D. Higgins is expected to sail to victory, while a constitutional clause banning blasphemy seems headed for the dustbin of history.
  3. The Rich White Civil War
    A smarter look at America’s divide.
  4. Is All Art Sacred Art? In a Prose Meditation, One Poet Makes the Case
    Christian Wiman’s strangely powerful new book, “He Held Radical Light,” argues for the inherent holiness of art.
  5. Islam and Religious Freedom
    The American Jewish Committee faults those who say Islam is not a religion.
  6. Do You Participate in Women-Only Religious Services? We Want to Hear From You
    We want to better understand the experiences of women who participate in single-sex religious services.
  7. I’m a Proud Atheist. Why Shouldn’t I Tell My Religious In-Laws?
    A reader would rather not attend church or recite Bible verses at his wife’s family reunion. But he’s not sure what to do about it.
  8. In the Carolinas, Churches Provide Spiritual Refuge and Shelter From the Storm
    Congregations across the storm-drenched region were at work on Sunday, even though many regular services were canceled.
  9. The People’s Republic of Cruelty
    A regime at war with the human soul will eventually lose.
  10. TV Keeps the Faith With Supernatural Procedurals. Again.
    “God Friended Me,” starting Sept. 30 on CBS, is the latest in a line of shows about reluctant heroes who help people at the behest of a higher power.
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