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  1. I’m a Proud Atheist. Why Shouldn’t I Tell My Religious In-Laws?
    A reader would rather not attend church or recite Bible verses at his wife’s family reunion. But he’s not sure what to do about it.
  2. In the Carolinas, Churches Provide Spiritual Refuge and Shelter From the Storm
    Congregations across the storm-drenched region were at work on Sunday, even though many regular services were canceled.
  3. The People’s Republic of Cruelty
    A regime at war with the human soul will eventually lose.
  4. TV Keeps the Faith With Supernatural Procedurals. Again.
    “God Friended Me,” starting Sept. 30 on CBS, is the latest in a line of shows about reluctant heroes who help people at the behest of a higher power.
  5. A Good Year for Younger Artists, Immigrant Citizens and Outrage
    Museums are tightening borders, too. Where are the big shows of art from Africa, Asia, South America? The United States and Europe dominate.
  6. Pope Francis Embraces Silence as Calls Grow for Response to Allegations
    Amid rising clamor for the pontiff to address claims he covered up abuse, Francis extolled the virtues of silence: “The truth is humble, the truth is silent.”
  7. Let Hospitals Be Transparent About Affiliation
    An ob-gyn weighs in on a front-page article about limits on medical procedures at Catholic hospitals.
  8. How Have Recent Abuse Allegations Affected Your Faith?
    Catholics have again been forced to confront allegations of abuse in the church. We want to know how Catholics in New York City have dealt with these recent revelations.
  9. We Are Not Born Human
    Our humanity is a process that begins with negation.
  10. Israel’s Latest Culture War Plays Out Under the Wedding Canopy
    Rejecting the strictly Orthodox monopoly over marriage and divorce, Israeli Jews increasingly opt for alternative weddings.


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