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  1. Can Black Evangelicals Save the Whole Movement?
    African-American spiritual leaders are talking about racism — and some white churchgoers are listening.
  2. Why Did Nonbelievers Grieve for Notre-Dame?
    Religion goes on, whether or not people honor its traditions.
  3. Modi’s Campaign of Fear and Prejudice
    India’s prime minister is seeking re-election by stoking fear among the Hindu majority of the potential dangers posed by the country’s Muslims and Pakistan.
  4. La Cathédrale de l’Humanité
    Notre-Dame must rise again.
  5. Faith Politics on the Rise as Indonesian Islam Takes a Hard-Line Path
    Before the presidential vote this week, Indonesian candidates are polishing their religious credentials to appeal to a growing conservative populace.
  6. What the Bible Says About Secrets
    Scripture offers at least two views of privacy: It’s necessary for a healthy spiritual life, but it also provides a place where sin can be committed.
  7. With ‘Unplanned,’ Abortion Opponents Turn Toward Hollywood
    The makers of the divisive anti-abortion movie — a word-of-mouth hit that a physician called misleading — say they’ve been shunned by mainstream media.
  8. Athens in Pieces: The Happiest Man I’ve Ever Met
    What is it like to be a monk? I spent three days in Greece’s revered ‘Holy Mountain’ monastery to find out.
  9. The Rapture and the Real World: Mike Pompeo Blends Beliefs and Policy
    America’s top diplomat stands out in the Trump administration for brazenly inserting his evangelical Christian beliefs into discussions of foreign policy.
  10. Supreme Court Stays Execution of Buddhist Inmate
    Prison officials in Texas had rejected the inmate’s request that his spiritual adviser be present in the execution chamber, a decision his lawyers said violated the Constitution.
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