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  1. In Pakistan, Yoga Rises Above Its Indian Origins
    To Pakistani women yoga has become increasingly popular in the cities, and also viewed on television — in forms that dissociate it from Hinduism.
  2. U.N., European Union and Pope Criticize Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement
    Leaders including the pope and the head of the United Nations expressed alarm at President Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem.
  3. ‘I Ask Forgiveness,’ Pope Francis Tells Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh
    He met with Muslim refugees and heard their stories, but did not address his earlier public silence about them while in Myanmar.
  4. Does Religion Make People Moral?
    It depends if it’s being used for self-education or an ego boost for believers.
  5. Is There an Evangelical Crisis?
    Trump is testing whether identity or theology defines his evangelical supporters.
  6. What America Celebrates on Thanksgiving
    It’s the one holiday that truly invites all comers.
  7. How to Escape From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism
    If you don’t think right-wing politics should dominate Christian life, where can you find the right congregation?
  8. Lebanese Christian Leader Makes Rare Visit to Saudi Arabia
    The Maronite Christian patriarch of Lebanon met the Saudi king during a visit overshadowed by political tensions between the two nations.
  9. The Costume Institute Takes On Catholicism
    The Metropolitan Museum’s 2018 fashion blockbuster looks at religion’s influence on the designer imagination. The Vatican is on board, but will the viewers agree?
  10. Unknown Unknowns: Three Inquiries Into Religion
    What is religion? New books by a philosopher, a sociologist and a theologian give different answers.


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