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  1. Family Suicide Attacks: Indonesia Must Deradicalize Mothers And Kids Too
    Following the attacks in East Java, we may not see family suicide bombers again. But they serve as a useful wake-up call to seriously evaluate deradicalization programs.
  2. Southern Baptist President Removed Over Language On Sexual Abuse Of Women
    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has removed its president over past advice he gave women regarding sexual abuse. He advised women to pray for their abuses and not report them to authorities.
  3. Southern Baptist Leader Removed From Post Over Comments On Domestic Abuse
    The president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has been removed from his position. Paige Patterson has faced backlash about how he counseled women who reported marital abuse and rape.
  4. Southern Baptist Leader Removed Over Remarks On Rape, Abuse Of Women
    Paige Patterson has been under fire for past counsel to women of abuse to simply pray for their husbands. On Tuesday, a new allegation surfaced that he had advised a student not to report a rape.
  5. Australian Archbishop 'Stands Aside' Following Conviction For Concealing Sex Abuse
    Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson said he was stepping aside from his duties following Tuesday's verdict, but would only resign his post if it "comes necessary and appropriate."
  6. Australian Archbishop Found Guilty In Cover-Up Of Child Sex Abuse
    Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson faces up to two years in prison for concealing abuse after two altar boys approached him in the 1970s with allegations against a fellow priest.
  7. Pope Francis Documentary Filmmaker Reveals A Candid Pontiff
    For his latest documentary, Wim Wenders conducted a series of intimate interviews with Pope Francis. He tells NPR's Don Gonyea how he tried to capture the pontiff's beliefs in his own words.
  8. Santa Fe Church Community Reflects On Texas Shooting
    Rocked by Friday's shooting at Santa Fe High School, the religious community is looking for answers. Some faith leaders and churchgoers say prayer needs to return to school.
  9. For Trump's Evangelical Advisers, Prison Reform Becomes A Front-Burner Issue
    "The incarceration rate in this country is just insane," said Johnnie Moore, an evangelical leader and informal adviser to President Trump.
  10. Bishop Michael Curry's Royal Wedding Sermon: Full Text Of 'The Power Of Love'
    The presiding bishop of the American Episcopal Church delivered a powerful and emotive sermon to those in attendance and millions more watching across the world on embracing the power of love.
  11. Royal Wedding Was Filled With Symbolism Of African-American History
    During his sermon at the royal wedding, the Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry of Chicago, the first African-American leader of the Episcopal Church, spoke about the power of selfless, sacrificial love.
  12. Podcast Hosts Answer Questions About Observing Ramadan At Work
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Makkah Ali and Ikhlas Saleem, co-hosts of the Identity Politics podcast, about what its like to observe Ramadan in the American workplace.
  13. Chile's Bishops Offer To Resign After Sex Abuse Cover Up
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Ines San Martin, a Vatican reporter with the news site Crux, about all 34 Catholic bishops offering to resign following a massive sex abuse scandal in Chile.
  14. All Of Chile's Bishops Offer To Resign After Sex Abuse Cover-Up
    Their announcement on Friday follows an emergency meeting with Pope Francis to discuss the drawn-out scandal.
  15. Trump To Host A Prison Overhaul Summit
    Evangelical leaders are expected to attend a meeting at the White House Friday on prison overhaul. It's an issue that's becoming more of a front-burner political issue for this group.
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