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  1. Subway Line Could Threaten Sufi Shrine In Pakistan
    Pakistan's government is building a much-needed 16-mile metro across Lahore to ease traffic. But it passes a little too close for comfort to many of the city's historic buildings.
  2. Debate On Role Of Islam Divides German Government
    Members of the Merkel government agree that Muslims belong in Germany but disagree on whether the religion itself does.
  3. When Other Cultures' Holidays Become An Excuse To Party
    From St. Patrick's Day to Cinco de Mayo, holidays from specific cultures and religions have been embraced by people looking for a reason to celebrate. What's gained and what's lost?
  4. Staging Muslims: Identity Angst In American Theater
    Hammaad Chaudry's new play An Ordinary Muslim pushes against limited perceptions of Muslim-Americans, but it may be pushing against too much all at once.
  5. After Alignment With Trump, Some Evangelicals Are Questioning Movement's Leaders
    NPR's Sarah McCammon speaks with evangelical writer Michael Gerson about how using evangelicalism as a political force has strayed from its origins.
  6. After 5 Years As Pope, Francis' Charismatic Image Has Taken Some Hits
    The pope has focused on the poor and boosting interfaith dialogue. But he has attracted criticism over his handling of issues including clerical sex abuse and the status of women in the church.
  7. Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, Gunned Down In 1980, Will Become A Saint
    The Vatican announced that Romero, who was closely associated with liberation theology and was killed by a right-wing death squad, will be canonized along with Pope Paul VI.
  8. Mosques Consider Sanctuary For Immigrants
    A year ago, a Cincinnati mosque said it would be a sanctuary for asylum seekers — and backed out three weeks later. Now, mosques continue to explore ways to be involved in the sanctuary movement.
  9. My Night Camping In An 18th Century Church In England
    Many old churches in England have gone into disrepair after losing their congregations. Now an organization is raising money for upkeep by letting people camp — "champ" — overnight inside of them.
  10. Billy Graham's Funeral Celebrated Evangelist's Life And The Reach Of His Ministry
    Billy Graham's funeral in Charlotte, N.C., Friday was a celebration of his global reach and ministry. More than 2000 guests were invited, including all of the living U.S. presidents.
  11. The Rev. Billy Graham Laid To Rest Friday In Simple Casket
    His son, Franklin, said at the Charlotte, N.C. funeral that the man the world saw at stadiums and on television was the same man he knew at home. "There weren't two Billy Grahams," he said.
  12. Billy Graham's Son Franklin To Deliver The Main Eulogy At His Father's Funeral
    Billy Graham had not been a public figure for at least a decade, but his death marks a turning point. His son Franklin aims to carry on his father's ministry but his approach is more strident.
  13. AR-15s Are Biblical 'Rod Of Iron' At Pennsylvania Church
    The church in Newfoundland, Pa., was founded by the son of the late Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but is an offshoot of the worldwide Unification movement.
  14. Trump, Congressional Leaders Honor Billy Graham In Rare Capitol Hill Tribute
    Ahead of Friday's funeral in North Carolina, the evangelist is lying in honor at the Capitol rotunda through Thursday; it is just the fourth time a private citizen has been recognized in that way.
  15. Evangelist Billy Graham To Lie In Honor In U.S. Rotunda
    David Greene talks to Ed Stetzer, who directs the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, one of the country's leading Christian colleges, about the ongoing struggles within evangelicals.
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