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  1. Tillerson Calls Out Key Persian Gulf Allies In Religious Freedom Report
    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson released the annual religious freedom report on Tuesday, singling out some key US partners from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain. This comes after Tillerson has faced criticism for downplaying human rights.
  2. Poet Imagines Life Inside A 1910 Institution That Eugenics Built
    Molly McCully Brown, who has cerebral palsy, says that if she'd been born in a different era, she might have been sent to the "Virginia State Colony," an early landmark of the U.S. eugenics movement.
  3. In Germany, Churchgoers Are Encouraged To Tweet From The Pews
    As it celebrates 500 years since Martin Luther and the Reformation, the Protestant church in Germany is turning to social media to reach those too busy to attend.
  4. In Charlottesville, Religious Leaders Try To Comfort Residents
    In Virginia, religious leaders are trying to comfort their congregations and address the complicated racial tensions facing the city.
  5. Giving Voice To Memories From 1947 Partition And The Birth Of India And Pakistan
    This month, India and Pakistan celebrate 70 years of independence. But the scars of a violent partition linger. An oral history project is racing to collect stories from those who lived through it.
  6. New Liberal Mosque Led By A Woman Opens In Berlin
    Berlin is the site of a new mosque touted as the first liberal one in Germany, and it's led by a woman. But Muslim critics –including women — claim its creation is more about politics than religion.
  7. When 'Where Are You From?' Takes You Someplace Unexpected
    The "DNA Discussion Project" brings students, staff and faculty at West Chester University together to learn about their genetic heritage. For some people, the revelations are hard to digest.
  8. Ruth Pfau, Beacon For Pakistan's Leprosy Patients, Dies At 87
    The German-born nun and doctor stopped in Karachi more than five decades ago by accident. But she returned — and through her relentless efforts against leprosy, earned the admiration of the country.
  9. Mormons Remove Church Leader For The First Time In Nearly 30 Years
    James Hamula was ousted from a midlevel leadership council based on disciplinary action by the religion's highest leaders, a statement from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says.
  10. Can Buddhist Practices Help Us Overcome The Biological Pull Of Dissatisfaction?
    Science journalist and author Robert Wright says that Buddhist enlightenment might help counteract our natural tendency towards unhappiness. His new book is Why Buddhism is True.
  11. It Was My Choice To Leave Homeland Security, Selim Says
    David Greene talks to George Selim, an ex-Department of Homeland Security official who led outreach programs to American-Muslim communities to try to prevent radical extremism. Why did he resign?
  12. Vatican Addresses Catholic Trump Supporters
    Lulu Garcia Navarro talks with National Catholic Reporter's Joshua McElwee about an article that criticizes religious Trump supporters.
  13. Explosive Targets Minnesota Mosque
    The FBI said the explosion was from an improvised explosive device. No one was injured, but an imam's office was badly damaged.
  14. New Campaign Teaches How To Help When A Muslim Is Harassed
    The city of Boston has started a campaign to encourage bystanders to not just "say something" to authorities but to do something themselves.
  15. Aesthetics, Culture Key To Understanding Jihadists
    In the West, Muslim extremists are often seen as two-dimensional villains. While groups like ISIS often act in monstrous ways, there are human elements that fuel what they do and believe.


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