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  1. 'Racial Impostor Syndrome': Here Are Your Stories
    We got more than 100 letters from our listeners about how y'all feel like fakes. Here are some of our favorites.
  2. What Stories Do You Want From Code Switch In 2018?
    New year, new stories. Let us know which topics, stories and notable people you want us to cover in the coming year.
  3. Mormon Church Names Russell M. Nelson As New Leader
    "My brethren of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles laid hands upon my head, ordained me, set me apart as president of the church. It was a sacred and humbling experience," Nelson said Tuesday.
  4. Pope Francis Begins South American Trip In Chile
    Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Piotr Kozak about the pope's trip which comes amid controversy over an alleged cover-up of sexual abuse by dozens of Catholic priests in Chile.
  5. On Visit To Chile, Pope Asks For Forgiveness Over Sex-Abuse Scandal
    At least five churches have been vandalized since Friday ahead of Francis' visit, some with firebombs as anger persists years after a major sex-abuse scandal that many see as a coverup by the Vatican.
  6. Mormon Church Leader To Be Officially Announced Tuesday
    Rachel Martin talks to University of Virginia professor Kathleen Flake about the expected new leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church President Thomas Monson died this month.
  7. Sexual Harassment In The Church: Apology 'Has Never Been Enough'
    In light of sexual assault allegations against a pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tenn., NPR's Michel Martin talks to Rev. Serene Jones about patterns of sexual abuse and harassment within the church.
  8. Report Shows It's Increasingly Dangerous To Be A Christian In Many Countries
    Open Doors USA released its annual list of the most dangerous countries for Christians. Among those where anti-Christian hostility has grown are India and Turkey, two important U.S. allies.
  9. An American Muslim Preacher Faces His Own Mortality
    Usama Canon is the founding director of the Ta'leef Collective, a "third place" for Muslims between mosque and home. After an ALS disagnosis, he's reflecting on his work.
  10. How To Make The World A Better Place In 2018, According To Pope Francis
    He spoke about topics in the headlines but also voiced concerns about the risks of technology and the need to develop better drugs without worrying about profits.
  11. Pope Francis Once Again Encourages Mothers To Breastfeed In The Sistine Chapel
    During an annual baptism ceremony in the Sistine Chapel Sunday, Pope Francis once again encouraged mothers to breastfeed if their infants were hungry, saying this was a "language of love."
  12. Evangelicals And Mormons Are Political Allies, But Theological Rivals
    Conservative Christians and Mormons vote the same way on many social issues, but religious differences still spur harsh criticisms between the groups.
  13. Deep Differences Remain Between Mormon And Evangelical Communities
    Conservative Christians are often allied politically with conservative Mormons, especially around social issues, but major theological differences remain between evangelical Christianity and Mormonism.
  14. Congo's Catholic Cardinal: Crackdown On Protesters Is 'Barbarism'
    The head of the Roman Catholic Church in Congo has accused security forces of opening fire on innocent protesters. The U.N. says several people died in Sunday's demonstrations against the president.
  15. Muslim-Americans Face Challenges When Confronting Leader's Misconduct
    A prominent Dalled-based Muslim preacher has been caught up in allegations of sexual harassment. Clerics are looking into it. Ailsa Chang talks to BuzzFeed reporter Hannah Allam.
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