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  1. The Cost of Courage: The 2 Couples Who Rescued My Family From The Nazis
    Two couples sheltered Uri Berliner's family when the Nazis came to power. One thrived; the other paid a terrible price.
  2. A Toy Monkey That Escaped Nazi Germany And Reunited A Family
    Gert Berliner packed a stuffed monkey when he fled the Nazis as a child. He kept the toy for more than a half century before donating it to a museum, an act that led to a remarkable discovery.
  3. U.S. Bishops Delay Response To Sexual Abuse Crisis At Vatican's Insistence
    The U.S. Conference of Bishops this week planned to take up measures regarding clergy sexual abuse. The Vatican told them to delay any decisions until a February meeting in Rome addresses the crisis.
  4. Ex-Detainee Describes Torture In China's Xinjiang Re-Education Camp
    "They made me wear what they called 'iron clothes,'" the man tells NPR, describing a 50-pound metal suit he was forced to wear for 12 hours. When he returned home, people were afraid to speak to him.
  5. Vatican Insists U.S. Bishops Put Off Vote On Their Response To Sexual Abuse Crisis
    "At the insistence of the Holy See, we will not be voting" on a standard of conduct and other actions, said Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  6. Satanists Sue Netflix, Warner Bros. For $150M, Saying 'Sabrina' Copied Their Statue
    The Satanic Temple has used the statue to protest for freedom of religion. Now, it says the media giants have lifted its copyrighted design for a depiction of evil in the streaming series.
  7. Immigrant Communities Were The 'Geographic Solution' To Predator Priests
    One way Catholic leaders hid sexually abusive priests was to move them into immigrant communities where victims may be less likely to speak up.
  8. Greece Strikes Tentative Deal To Remove Orthodox Clergy From State Payroll
    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Archbishop Ieronymos jointly announced the agreement, which is aimed at separating religion and state. But it is drawing resistance from other Church leaders.
  9. Guam's Catholic Church To File Bankruptcy Amid Deluge Of Sex Abuse Lawsuits
    Guam's archdiocese is facing claims from nearly 200 alleged survivors. "Bankruptcy is the method to deliver the greatest measure of justice to the greatest number of victims," said a Church lawyer.
  10. Through Personal Testament, 'Why Religion?' Explores Belief In The 21st Century
    Distinguished scholar of Christianity Elaine Pagels sets out to explain why religion is still around today, through the lens of her lived tragedies — the deaths of her son and husband 30 years ago.
  11. Resurgence Of Cleric Scandal Invigorates Conservative U.S. Critics Of Pope Francis
    Politically conservative Catholics criticize Francis for being pro-migrant, anti-capitalist and less rigid in doctrine than predecessors. The cleric sex abuse scandals have emboldened these critics.
  12. Is There A Cure For Hate?
    After the Pittsburgh mass killing, many are wondering how to turn extremists away from violence and hate. But there is very little research, and even less funding, to make that happen.
  13. 'Why Religion?' Asks 'How Hearts Can Heal' After Tragedy
    Religion scholar Elaine Pagels lost her young son to terminal illness and her husband a year later in an accident. Her new book combines memoir and biblical scholarship to reflect on loss and faith.
  14. After Tragedy In Pittsburgh, An Extraordinary Effort To Honor 'The Holy Ones'
    As the Squirrel Hill community worked to honor the 11 victims of last week's attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue, the investigation into the mass shooting complicated traditional Jewish preparations.
  15. The First Jewish Sabbath Following The Deadly Pittsburgh Shooting
    Michel Martin talks with WESA's Sarah Boden about Saturday services on the first Shabbat after the Pittsburgh attack.
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