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  1. SUNY Is Set to Make Kristina Johnson, an Engineer, Its Chancellor
    She will arrive at a time when state funding as a percentage of operating costs is down and colleges are under pressure to increase access for low-income students.
  2. Ousted Over Sexual Misconduct Claims, and On to the Next Teaching Job
    Choate’s failure to report teachers accused of sexual misconduct enabled them to teach elsewhere, where they could engage in similar behavior.
  3. Scientists, Feeling Under Siege, March Against Trump Policies
    Thousands of scientists and science enthusiasts took to the streets in Washington and around the world on Saturday to protest.
  4. Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Over Safety Fears
    The university, which has a legacy and reputation as a promoter and bastion of free speech, said it was “unable to find a safe and suitable venue” for the speech by the conservative author.
  5. DeVos Halts Obama-Era Plan to Revamp Student Loan Management
    In another reversal of previous policies, President Trump’s education secretary hit the reset button on a plan to streamline a much-maligned patchwork of loan servicers.
  6. Whittier Law School Says It Will Shut Down
    At a time when many law schools are wrestling with declining enrollments, Whittier, in Southern California, is the first fully accredited school to announce that it will close.
  7. Loans ‘Designed to Fail’: States Say Navient Preyed on Students
    Lawsuits filed by Illinois and Washington against the Sallie Mae spinoff firm say high-risk loans were part of a growth strategy that has left former students buried in debt.
  8. Voices of Navient’s Borrowers: ‘The Biggest Mistake of My Life’
    Navient is accused of making billions of dollars in risky, subprime student loans to borrowers who have little hope of repaying them. Here are some of those borrowers’ stories.
  9. A Journey From ‘Real World’ to Homeless Shelter — and College
    Preston Roberson-Charles was on MTV, then spent two years homeless in New York City. Now he’s an economics student. He revisited the experience.
  10. It Takes a Suburb: A Town Struggles to Ease Student Stress
    Lexington, Mass., is fighting the joy-killing, suicide-inducing performance anxiety so prevalent in turbocharged high schools. It has not been easy.
  11. Ex-Professor Says Dismissed Racketeering Case Is Still ‘Devastating’
    Joy Laskar, accused by Georgia Tech of misusing funds to help his start-up, didn’t get a chance to defend himself at a trial. Now he is speaking out about the unusual charges.
  12. Behind the Problem of Student Homelessness
    New research finds that 14 percent of community college students don’t have a place to live. Why is the situation so widespread?
  13. How They Got There: Former Interns Tell How They Landed a First Job
    More companies are drawing from their intern pools, making that last internship the most important. “It’s all about trying before you buy.”
  14. Strategy: 6 Reasons You May Not Graduate on Time (and What to Do About It)
    And what you can do about it.
  15. Where Non-Techies Can Get With the Programming
    Just about everybody these days wants computing skills. To get some coding under your belt, there are options aplenty online, in college and at boot camps.
  16. Forum: Middlebury, My Divided Campus
    To one side, free speech is paramount. To the other, inclusivity is. To a professor caught in the middle, there’s a bridge.
  17. EdTalk: This Is Not Fake News (but Don’t Go by the Headline)
    Paul Mihailidis, director of a new graduate program on civic media at Emerson College, answers questions about news literacy.
  18. Family by Family, How School Segregation Still Happens
    Decisions in a district in Upper Manhattan offer a look at a persistent problem in public education that, for now, is without a solution.
  19. Op-Ed Contributor: Sowing Climate Doubt Among Schoolteachers
    A group known for attacking climate science has set its sights on America’s public schools.
  20. Trump Orders Review of Education Policies to Strengthen Local Control
    The review aims to ensure local leaders will have final say “about what happens in the classroom,” said Rob Goad, a senior Education Department official.


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