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  1. Trying Again, de Blasio Names a New Schools Chancellor
    In his second attempt to replace Carmen Fariña, the mayor selected Richard A. Carranza, the Houston schools superintendent, who accepted at City Hall.
  2. Next to Lead New York’s Schools: An Educator With a Song on His Lips
    Richard A. Carranza grew up in Arizona and worked his way through college as a musician. He described himself as “a mariachi masquerading as a superintendent.”
  3. Yale Rape Verdict Shows How ‘Yes Means Yes’ Can Be Murkier in Court
    The acquittal in the case of Saifullah Khan showed how the consent standards that have been adopted at colleges may differ from those that prevail off campus.
  4. Times Scholarship Winners Excelled Through Adversity
    Meet the 10 recipients of The New York Times college scholarship, a program for students who, despite hardships, have achieved academically, in the arts and as activists.
  5. Stanford History Event Was ‘Too White and Too Male,’ Organizer Admits
    The organizer, Niall Ferguson, found himself on the defensive after a tweet with images of 30 white, male speakers prompted anger from female historians.
  6. Jersey City Teachers Go on Strike Over Health Insurance
    This protest comes just weeks after a statewide teachers strike in West Virginia, which ended after teachers received a 5 percent pay raise.
  7. ‘This Is Not a Drill’: 11 Students on the Terror of Lockdowns
    American teenagers describe the impact of the bomb and gun threats that terrorize their schools, excite panic, then fizzle.
  8. Tech Tip: Preserving Those Refrigerator-Door Masterpieces
    Storing digital copies of your child’s artwork allows you to look back fondly, long after the pipe cleaners and glitter have been lost to time.
  9. Teacher’s Gun Is Accidentally Fired During Public Safety Class, Injuring 3
    As President Trump doubles down on a proposal to arm school employees, two recent accidents involving guns fired by school officials have raised concerns.
  10. National School Walkout: Thousands Protest Against Gun Violence Across the U.S.
    In a coordinated action, students left their classrooms and sometimes marched in the streets a month after 17 people were killed in a Florida high school.
  11. What College Students Really Think About Free Speech
    A new study finds that the vast majority of students strongly support free speech but struggle to balance it with their desire for inclusivity.
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