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  1. Students Across D.C. Graduated Despite Chronic Absences, An Investigation Finds
    An official investigation into Ballou High School and other high schools in the District of Columbia found that students received diplomas despite missing more than 30 days in at least one class.
  2. Budgets Suffer After A Drop In International Student Enrollment
    After a decade of large-scale growth in overseas enrollment, the number of international students studying at U.S. colleges and universities is dropping — leading some schools to make budget cuts.
  3. UC President Janet Napolitano On DACA Lawsuit
    University of California President Janet Napolitano talks with NPR's Scott Simon about her involvement in a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the DACA program.
  4. Student Loan Defaults On The Rise, Texas Special Education, And Other Education News
    Plus, DACA students living in limbo as proposals fly in Washington and new concerns about school funding inequality.
  5. Department Of Education Finds Texas Violated Special Education Law
    Students lost out on federally guaranteed special education services in the state of Texas, the federal government finds.
  6. America's Schools Are 'Profoundly Unequal,' Says U.S. Civil Rights Commission
    More than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, the fight for equity inAmerica's schools rages on.
  7. Subsidized Housing May Help School Districts Retain Teachers
    Indianapolis Public Schools lose about 400 teachers each year. In an attempt to stem that, a new housing project in the city is targeting teachers.
  8. Outcry After Louisiana Teacher Arrested During School Board Meeting
    A Louisiana teacher questioned whether the school's superintendent should receive a raise. Then she was handcuffed. The city's attorney says the teacher will not face charges.
  9. 4 Ex-Fraternity Members Sentenced In Pledge's Hazing Death
    Four men from New York City were sentenced to jail time Monday in the 2013 hazing death of a Baruch College freshman during a fraternity trip to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
  10. Congress Changed 529 College Savings Plans, And Now States Are Nervous
    Why the dramatically new vision for the popular college savings plan could cost some states dearly.
  11. Student Suicide Investigation; DeVos Proposes New Student Loan Rules
    Empty classrooms in Puerto Rico, and more in our weekly education news roundup.
  12. University Lists Words That Deserve Wider Use
    Wayne State University in Michigan is promoting expressive words that could be used more. The school says they "are wonderful additions to anyone's vocabulary."
  13. Training For The Olympics Is Hard Enough. Try Doing That While Earning A Degree
    Olympic athletes struggle to balance the demands of their sports with college.
  14. Many Large Public Universities Don't Collect Data On Suicides, Report Finds
    Recent findings from The Associated Press show that 43 out of 100 large public universities in the U.S. don't track suicides, despite efforts to improve student mental health.
  15. School Closures Loom In Puerto Rico As Enrollment Shrinks After Maria
    More than 22,000 students have left the island since the storm. Authorities say they'll have to make further cuts, yet some of these schools are central to their communities.


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