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  1. A Path Out Of Poverty: Career Training + Quality Pre K
    A new study on an innovative program in Tulsa, Okla., that links quality Head Start services with job training and parental support shows it's improving the lives of both mothers and their children.
  2. Who Gains And Who's Left Out Of Georgetown's Reparations Plan
    Georgetown University says it will try to atone to the descendants of slaves sold more than a century ago. One concrete step is "preferential admissions" for descendants, but it doesn't help everyone.
  3. This Week In Race: Fox Sued, Schools Resegregate, Shea Moisture Gets Thirsty
    A racial discrimination suit is filed against Fox. Is an Alabama school district getting around integration? Shea Moisture apologizes for a commercial. And, there's a new philanthropist in town.
  4. West Virginia State University Says It Is Suing Dow Chemical For Contamination
    The school alleges the chemical manufacturing giant is responsible for the elevated levels of three likely carcinogens in its groundwater. Its lawsuit asks that the company provide for their removal.
  5. After Ann Coulter Speech Cancellation, Protesters Rally At Berkeley
    The university and city of Berkeley saw dueling, but peaceful demonstrations with police on hand. Coulter suggested that she might "swing by" to greet supporters but never did.
  6. After Ann Coulter Backs Out Of Visit, UC Berkeley Braces For Free Speech Rallies
    UC Berkeley expects more unrest on Thursday. Conservative groups charge the campus with censorship after it canceled speeches by provocative speakers over safety concerns.
  7. Want To Finish College? Go Full Time, At Least Part Of The Time
    Students who attend full time for at least one semester are 50 percent more likely to complete community college, a new study shows.
  8. New York City Announces Plan To Expand Universal Preschool To 3 Year Olds
    New York City has announced an ambitious plan to extend universal preschool to 3 year olds. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the effort will expand on the city's current program for 4 year olds.
  9. The Research Argument For NYC's Preschool Plan For 3-Year-Olds
    New York City's plan for universal preschool for 3-year-olds aligns with a growing body of research showing that the benefits of high-quality pre-K can persist for years.
  10. Nation's Report Card Finds Mixed Grades For U.S. Students In Visual Arts, Music
    It's the first time since 2008 that the federal government has released its assessment of U.S. eighth-graders in the arts. While there are some signs of progress, troubling achievement gaps remain.
  11. Student Loans: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers
    Is trade school the ticket? Does the middle class have the worst debt woes? Listeners weigh in with burning student loan questions.
  12. His Teacher Told Him He Wouldn't Go To College, Then He Did
    African-American students with disabilities are disciplined far more and graduate far less than their counterparts, researchers say. What needs to change to help more succeed?
  13. DeVos Meets With A Key Union Leader; The Supreme Court Hears A Voucher-Related Case
    The Education Secretary tours schools with the head of the American Federation of Teachers, the controversy over Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley, and other highlights from the week in education.
  14. Educators On A Hot Topic: Global Warming 101
    Thousands of people will participate in Saturday's March for Science. We contacted three experts on teaching and climate change to ask how the event — and its aftermath — can help engage young people.
  15. This Islamic School Helps Students Build Their American And Muslim Identity
    The Al Fatih Academy in Virginia is one of about 270 Islamic schools in the U.S. The staff aim to give their students a well-rounded education and promote civic awareness.
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