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  1. Concerns After Texas School Opens 'Prayer Room' That's Attracting Muslim Students
    The state attorney general has raised constitutional questions about a public school's move to establish a room to accommodate all students and their religions. The debate has embroiled the community.
  2. Howard University's Aims To Build Silicon Valley Pipeline Of Black Software Engineers
    The historically black university in Washington, D.C., is sending computer science students to study at Google's headquarters in California, as part of an effort called Howard West.
  3. Students Serve Up Stories Of Beloved Family Recipes In A Global Cookbook
    Many students at D.C.'s Capital City Charter School are first-generation Americans. For a creative writing project, a literacy nonprofit picked a topic everyone could relate to: food from home.
  4. A High School's Lesson For Helping English Language Learners Get To College
    Fort Wayne, Ind., is home to one of the largest Burmese refugee populations in the U.S. One public high school there is helping them meet high expectations.
  5. This Week In Education: Supreme Court Rules On Special Ed; Senator Slams Vouchers
    Plus a bill for 'Dreamers' and a former for-profit college lobbyist leaves the Education Department.
  6. Kids Who Suffer Hunger In First Years Lag Behind Their Peers In School
    When infants and young kids grow up in homes without enough to eat, they're more likely to perform poorly in kindergarten, a study shows. The younger they experienced hunger, the stronger the effect.
  7. School Suspensions Have Plunged: We Don't Yet Know If That's Good News
    A controversial new paper suggests schools in New York City are less safe now that fewer students are being suspended.
  8. The Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of A Special Education Student
    In a case involving a Colorado school district, the high court finds that schools must ensure students make more than minimal progress.
  9. You Probably Believe Some Learning Myths: Take Our Quiz To Find Out
    A new survey shows widespread misconceptions and unfounded confidence about learning.
  10. Teaching Language With Culture In California
    Elementary school teacher Ron Morris of Riverside, California goes a step beyond to understand his students' backgrounds. It's one way Morris incorporates the culture of his students in the classroom.
  11. Boston Students Get A Glimpse Of A Whole New World, With Different Maps
    In a bid to "decolonize the curriculum," Boston Public Schools has swapped into some classrooms the Peters projection — a map meant to more accurately portray continent sizes.
  12. The Earth Is Flat? Check Wikipedia
    Wikipedia has discovered an educational mission in an age of rampant truthiness. And it's enlisting college students to help.
  13. Amid Charges By Former Law Student On Gender Equality, Former Clerks Defend Gorsuch
    A student who took an ethics course under Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch at the University of Colorado Law School said he expressed controversial views on questions of gender discrimination.
  14. Education Budget Cuts, Student Aid Problems And More
    Trump's proposed 13 percent budget cut is the top education story of the week. Also: What's happening with student aid.
  15. Trump's Budget Blueprint Pinches Pennies For Education
    The proposal from the White House calls for a $1.4 billion increase in funding for school choice; a total of $9 billion in cuts.


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