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  1. What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education
    Not enough people know how a bill becomes a law and other aspects of civic life. More than half the states are trying to fix that. See how your state is doing and take our quiz.
  2. Trump Administration Defends Campus Sexual Assault Rules
    Government lawyers were in federal court Thursday for a hearing in a lawsuit over guidelines that would allow schools to demand a higher standard of evidence, making it tougher to prove an assault.
  3. iTeach: A Guide To The Most Useful Apps For The Classroom
    Here are five educational apps — endorsed by an expert — that teachers love. Plus, what teachers can look for when choosing apps for the classroom.
  4. Behind The Campaign To Get Teachers To Leave Their Unions
    Well-funded groups are spreading the word: Teachers no longer have to support the union that represents them.
  5. Empowering Kids In An Anxious World
    Teen depression and anxiety rates have been rising for years, and two new books offer advice to parents and caregivers.
  6. Scared Of Math? Here's One Way To Fight The Fear
    Kids and grown-ups can both experience anxiety when it comes to math. One college professor has an assignment to help banish the dread.
  7. Vouchers In Puerto Rico; Secret Service Guides Schools; Special Education And Race
    A judge rules private school vouchers are against Puerto Rico's constitution; the Secret Service releases a plan to help prevent school shootings; and the Department of Education faces another suit.
  8. Your Turn: When Parents Push Too Hard ... Or Not Enough
    We asked our readers: Did you feel too much pressure from your parents when you were kids? As parents, how do you motivate your kids to do well?
  9. Parenting In The Age Of Screens: Here's What The Experts Do
    Many experts on kids and technology are also parents — and they don't necessarily hold themselves up as paragons for parenting in a time when screens are everywhere.
  10. Parents: Here's How To Pick The Best Kids Apps For Family Vacations
    A handy guide to choosing fun and educational media for kids this summer.
  11. This Game Show Gives Contestants A Chance To Have Their Student Debt Paid Off
    A new game show premieres Tuesday on TruTV. It's called Paid Off and it gives contestants a chance to answer trivia questions — and if they win, their student loans are paid off.
  12. U.S. Degree? Check. U.S. Work Visa? Still A Challenge
    With a recent U.S. degree in hand, many international students are left to navigate the complicated immigration system by themselves.
  13. What Families Need To Know About Screen Time This Summer
    Here's the most recent research on screens — just in time for summer, when kids are sure to have them out.
  14. What The Affirmative Action Guidelines Change Means
    The Trump administration has revoked Obama-era affirmative action guidelines. Jon Boeckenstedt of DePaul University talks with NPR's Linda Wertheimer about the effect on college admissions.
  15. Here's What's Going On With Affirmative Action And School Admissions
    Race and admissions have been in headlines a lot lately, from the federal level on down. Here's a rundown of what is known and what is happening.
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