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  1. Mainland Colleges Offer In-State Tuition To Students Affected By Hurricane Maria
    State colleges, community colleges and one private university are working to help students in Puerto Rico and beyond continue their education.
  2. California Wildfires Have Disrupted School For A Quarter Of A Million Students
    Natural disasters have left millions of students across the U.S. out of school. The California wildfires have added to the tally, with dozens of districts and hundreds of schools affected.
  3. DeVos Is Sued By 17 States; Richard Spencer And Colleges; Race and Student Loans
    Plus a new Education Department employee opposes regulation in our weekly roundup of learning-related news.
  4. Switching To Middle School Can Be Hard On Kids, But There Are Ways To Make It Better
    A new study shows students' self-image suffers in middle school and junior high. And it's not just hard on low-income kids. Having a teacher who understands the teenage brain can help.
  5. Holes In The Plot: Suspect Loses Bet With Cops, Turns Himself In — With Doughnuts
    A wanted man made a bet with police on Facebook: If they could get 1,000 shares, he would turn himself in — and bring doughnuts. They did it. And eventually, police posted photos of his promise kept.
  6. White Nationalist Richard Spencer Met By Protesters At University Of Florida
    Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida Thursday. Throngs of protesters turned out to shout him down and tell him his messages weren't welcome.
  7. Should College Professors Give 'Tech Breaks' In Class?
    Is it necessary coddling or just good science to give college students breaks to check their phones? Anthropologist Barbara J. King takes a look.
  8. Is Free Speech In A 'State Of Emergency'?
    A planned talk at the University of Florida has led the state's governor to take drastic measures in preparation.
  9. All-Boys School In D.C. Focuses On Helping Young Men Of Color
    The public school is designed to meet the needs of young men of color. It features a "restorative justice circle," which includes the school's psychologist, a social worker and counselors.
  10. Young Children Are Spending Much More Time In Front Of Small Screens
    A new national survey of parents suggests mobile device use by children under 8 has increased tenfold in the past six years.
  11. At Ron Brown College Preparatory High School, Students Are Kings, Not Kids
    Washington D.C. has created a public school designed to meet the needs of young men of color. Reporters from NPR and Education Week, spent the past year documenting the birth of this new school.
  12. A Year Of Love And Struggle In A New High School
    When this new boys-only, public school in Washington, D.C., opened its doors in August 2016 to a class of roughly 100 freshmen of color, NPR and Education Week were there. All. Year.
  13. Educators Employ Strategies To Help Kids With Anxiety Return To School
    The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates anxiety-based school refusal affects 2 to 5 percent of school-age children. It is often triggered by an underlying mental health issue.
  14. Puerto Rican Students Head To The Mainland For School
    Students are leaving their homes and sometimes their families, to catch a flight off the island. When they land, they hope to find electricity, running water, cell service, and homework.
  15. When The Focus Is On The Student, Not The Class
    One small school district in New Hampshire was performing at the bottom of the state when it came to standardized tests and graduation rates. Then, leaders totally changed the way teachers taught.
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