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New York Times Space and Cosmos News

  1. NASA’s Jupiter Mission Reveals the ‘Brand-New and Unexpected’
    Observations taken from the first few orbits of the Juno spacecraft provide a glimpse of the interior, the poles and the equator of the solar system’s largest planet.
  2. Trilobites: Spotting Mysterious Twinkles on Earth From a Million Miles Away
    Hundreds of reflections observed by a satellite are a result of ice crystals floating in clouds at high altitudes, NASA scientists say.
  3. Trilobites: These Baby Mice Were Born From Sperm That Went to Space
    Although tests did find slightly increased DNA damage, compared with freeze-dried earth sperm, the space version did the job when it came to fertilizing eggs.
  4. NASA Denies Trump’s Request to Send Astronauts Past the Moon on New Rocket
    The agency announced that adding astronauts to the mission would have cost $600 million to $900 million and required significantly more work and time.
  5. Trilobites: The Harmony That Keeps Trappist-1’s 7 Earth-size Worlds From Colliding
    Astronomers can now explain why the recently discovered Earth-size planets, tightly packed, don’t simply fly apart. And now, you can give it a listen.
  6. A Photo From Space Shows Belgium Shining Bright, and Social Media Lights Up
    Photos taken by a French astronaut sparked a discussion about their beauty — and also raised questions about energy use.
  7. Out There: Cassini’s Grand Finale: A Dive Between Saturn and Its Rings
    The spacecraft is set to venture into the gap between Saturn and its innermost ring 22 times until Sept. 15, then crash into the planet.
  8. SpaceX Launches a Satellite With a Partly Used Rocket
    The use of a rocket booster that had flown once before may open an era of cheaper space travel, particularly for business ventures like satellite companies.
  9. Flecks of Extraterrestrial Dust, All Over the Roof
    A jazz musician from Norway hunted bits of cosmic debris for eight years and found it everywhere. Turns out, tons of it land every day.
  10. Out There: Cosmos Controversy: The Universe Is Expanding, but How Fast?
    A small discrepancy in the value of a long-sought number has fostered a debate about just how well we know the cosmos.
  11. Vera Rubin, 88, Dies; Opened Doors in Astronomy, and for Women
    Dr. Rubin, who was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1993, ushered in the cosmic realization that most of the universe is invisible.
  12. Neil Armstrong’s Moon Bag Could Fetch $4 Million at Auction
    The bag, which contains traces of priceless moon dust, has been on a wild ride for the half-century since it came back on the Apollo 11.
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