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  1. State of the Art: The iPhone 8: A Worthy Refinement Before the Next Generation
    Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have a ring of familiarity. But the phones may feel like a solid upgrade from older models because of their new processor.
  2. Facebook Faces a New World as Officials Rein In a Wild Web
    The web is not as open as it once was, with nation-states exerting their power over the internet. Facebook and other tech companies are dealing with the consequences.
  3. Mediator: Facebook Knows More About Russia’s Election Meddling. Shouldn’t We?
    The social media giant owes it to its users to let them know if they interacted with what amounts to a digital spy. And that’s just the start.
  4. Chips Off the Old Block: Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains
    New technologies are testing the limits of computer semiconductors. To deal with that, researchers have gone looking for ideas from nature.
  5. The iPhone 8 Reviews: What the Critics Say
    Reviewers considered the phones a modest upgrade over the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but several suggested waiting for the iPhone X.
  6. An Earthquake Hits and Angelenos Shelter on Twitter
    It may have been mild and standard, but it happened in Los Angeles. So, naturally, earthquake was a trending topic on Twitter by early Tuesday.
  7. Tech Tip: Why Deleted Tweets Still Linger Online
    Even if you kill a Twitter post from your timeline, a search engine may give it a second life until it updates its index files.
  8. High Tech Meets High Art in a 3-D Opera
    Michel van der Aa’s “Blank Out,” at the Park Avenue Armory, brings together a live singer onstage and another who appears only in a 3-D film.
  9. Tech Tip: Outlook for Android, Plain and Simple
    Microsoft’s mobile version of Outlook for the Android platform doesn’t offer text-formatting options, but it does manage your mailbox.
  10. How the Internet Kept Humming During 2 Hurricanes
    While millions lost electricity across Florida, and thousands of homes and businesses were flooded in Miami and Texas, the data centers powering the internet held firm.
  11. How Facebook Is Changing Your Internet
    Behind the scenes, Facebook is involved in high-stakes diplomatic battles across the globe that have begun fragmenting the internet itself.
  12. Jerry Pournelle, Science Fiction Novelist and Computer Guide, Dies at 84
    An aerospace consultant, advice columnist, blogger and best-selling author. (And maybe the first to write a novel on a word-processor.)
  13. Funding Talks at Uber and Lyft Complicate Ride-Hailing Allegiances
    With Uber reportedly nearing a deal with SoftBank and Lyft having held discussions with Alphabet, alliances are shifting quickly in the industry.
  14. Lurid Lawsuit’s Quiet End Leaves Silicon Valley Start-Up Barely Dented
    For all the outcry over how women are treated in the tech industry, the resolution of a sexual harassment case against Upload, a virtual reality start-up, shows that little has changed.
  15. Vocations: Serving the Community, Working for Microsoft
    A community development specialist employed by Microsoft tries to help people, especially children, while using the company’s products.
  16. SoFi Board Says C.E.O. Is Out Immediately Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal
    Mike Cagney, the company’s chief executive, had said earlier this week that he would step down at year’s end.
  17. Ranting and Rapping Online in China, and Raking In Millions
    Li Tianyou is one of China’s best-known internet personalities and a hero for a generation of disaffected youth from smaller cities and rural areas.
  18. Tech Tip: Scheduling Your Smartphone for a Little Peace and Quiet
    If you need a break from the constant stream of alerts, notifications and calls, check your device’s settings for a Do Not Disturb feature.
  19. Bits: Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: New iPhones and Facebook Ads
    Two Times tech reporters discuss the week’s events and developments in Silicon Valley, including a certain Apple iPhone event.
  20. In Amish Country, the Future Is Calling
    Some members of the famously tech-shunning sect have begun to incorporate cellphones and computers into their lives, raising unique questions about the balance between work and home.


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