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  1. Science-Loving Teens From Ghana And D.C. Geek Out Together
    They competed in the first World Smarts STEM Challenge. We got to know the team that worked on a water purifier using neem leaves and... cilantro.
  2. Congress Rolls Back Obama-Era Rule On Hunting Bears And Wolves In Alaska
    The Senate voted Tuesday to lift a 2016 ban on certain hunting practices — like trapping and aerial shooting — on national wildlife refuges there. Now the bill heads to President Trump to be signed.
  3. Why More Farmers Are Making The Switch To Grass-Fed Meat And Dairy
    Advocates of grass-grazing cattle say it's better for the environment and the animals. But there's another upside: Grass-fed meat and dairy fetch a premium that can help small farms stay viable.
  4. Researchers Test Hotter, Faster And Cleaner Way To Fight Oil Spills
    The Flame Refluxer is essentially a big copper blanket: think Brillo pad of wool sandwiched between mesh. Using it while burning off oil yields less air pollution and residue that harms marine life.
  5. Indonesia's Peat Fires Still Blaze, But Not As Much As They Used To
    Clearing peat land by fire is illegal but remains widespread, since it's the cheapest way to clear land for farming and industry. Still, peat fires were down by more than 80 percent from 2015 to 2016.
  6. Climate Change As An Issue Of National Security
    Defense Secretary James Mattis called climate change a national security threat. Retired Brig. Gen. Gerald Galloway talks about how the Pentagon will manage challenges presented by climate change.
  7. Norwegian Pension Fund Divests From Companies Behind DAPL
    KLP is pulling millions of dollars it has invested in companies building and owning the Dakota Access Pipeline. The decision was reportedly driven by pressure from Norway's indigenous Sami peoples.
  8. #CuriousGoat: Ask Us About Climate Change And Global Well-being
    What questions do you have about the toll that climate change is taking — and about possible solutions?
  9. California Deserts In 'Super Bloom' Thanks To A Wet Winter
    A rainy winter has brought an early spring to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California. Wildflowers are in bloom. How can seeds survive years of drought and then put on such a display?
  10. A New Zealand River Now Has The Legal Rights Of A Human
    Lawmakers granted the Whanganui River the rights of legal representation on Wednesday. The vote caps over a century of struggle by the local Maori people, who see the waterway as a sacred ancestor.
  11. How To Make Farmers Love Cover Crops? Pay Them
    New satellite images reveal that few Midwestern farmers are planting pollution-preventing "cover crops." In Maryland, though, farmers are doing it, thanks to hefty subsidies.
  12. Study: 'Urgent' Action Against Global Warming Needed To Save Coral Reefs
    After another major coral bleaching event, a new study has concluded that securing a future for coral reefs "ultimately requires urgent and rapid action to reduce global warming."
  13. Trump's Budget Slashes Climate Change Funding
    The White House's proposed federal budget cuts everything from research to regulation, and makes clear that the administration doesn't view climate change as a priority.
  14. Study Finds High Temperatures Killing Large Parts Of Great Barrier Reef
    A new study looks at coral bleaching in 2015-2016. Mia Hoogenboom was a co-author, who says warming ocean temperatures are killing sections of the Great Barrier Reef faster than researchers expected.
  15. California Officials Pledge Not To Roll Back Fuel Efficiency Standards
    California officials have said they will not back off the fuel efficiency standards established under Obama, despite the Trump administration's plan to revisit those standards.
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