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  1. Critics Continue Adding Voices To Challenge Of Hudson River Cleanup Results
    General Electric spent six years and hundreds of millions of dollars trying to dredge toxic PCBs from New York's Hudson River. But now it's not clear whether this massive cleanup actually worked.
  2. A Mountaineer Writes A Firsthand Report From The World's Melting Glaciers
    NPR's Lulu Garcia Navarro speaks with journalist Dahr Jamail about his new book, "The End of Ice," on climate change and its consequences to nature and humans.
  3. Video: Giant Great White Shark Frolics With Divers
    "What some don't realize is that sometimes sharks seek touch," Ocean Ramsey said after the unforgettable encounter in Oahu. She and her team swam beside a 20-foot-long shark they say is Deep Blue.
  4. Teenage Diver Finds Tons Of Golf Balls Rotting Off California
    Alex Weber discovered more than 50,000 balls in the ocean near coastal California golf courses. When golf balls degrade, as these were doing, they release plastic particles and toxic chemicals.
  5. 25 Years After The Northridge Earthquake, Is LA Ready For The Big One?
    On Jan. 17, 1994, a 6.7 magnitude quake rocked the suburbs north of Los Angeles, leaving 57 dead and causing more than $43 billion in damage. Officials worry LA isn't ready for the next big quake.
  6. Shutdown Threatens To Stall Recovery In Wildfire-Ravaged Paradise, Calif.
    A federal grant for basic infrastructure projects is stalled. There is concern that, if fire survivors don't see evidence that recovery has begun, they could give up hope and leave the region.
  7. Movement To Find Alternative To Plastic Packaging Grows In Philippines
    A young island man came to Manila for college and found a morass of plastic waste. Now he's found ways for Manila's poorest people to dig out, and shown how multinational companies create the problem.
  8. Republicans Praise, Democrats Grill Andrew Wheeler In EPA Chief Confirmation Hearing
    Wheeler has been serving as acting EPA administrator since Scott Pruitt stepped down amid ethics scandals in July. Prior to his work at the EPA, Wheeler worked as a lobbyist for the coal industry.
  9. A View From The Palmer Research Station In Antarctica
    David Greene talks to marine biologist James McClintock about how warming temperatures are impacting glaciers around the Antarctic Peninsula, and consequences of a global rise in sea level.
  10. A Small Plastic Package Is A Big Culprit Of The Waste Filling Oceans
    To really understand the plastic problem in countries like the Philippines, you have to understand how consumer goods there are packaged.
  11. Cost To Military Of Extreme Weather Events Is Likely To Grow
    The Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune was devastated by Hurricane Florence. Climate scientists say global warming will inevitably mean more such damage to the country's national security infrastructure.
  12. Cotton Seed Sprouts In China's Lunar Lander
    A mini biosphere was sent up in China's Chang'e-4, which landed on the far side of the moon in early January. Photos show the small, green shoot of a cotton plant in a container aboard the spacecraft.
  13. A New Tactic In The War Against Plastic Waste
    Every year, 8 million tons of plastic wash into the oceans. The biggest sources are in Asia. In the Philippines, one man is going head-to-head with multinational corporations to stop the plastic tide.
  14. In The Aftermath Of The Camp Fire, A Slow, Simmering Crisis In Nearby Chico
    More than two months after the Camp Fire, the small city of Chico, Calif., is struggling to handle an influx of an estimated 20,000 new people from neighboring Paradise.
  15. Preparing For “The Big One”
    A devastating earthquake is allegedly overdue.
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