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Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.
  1. #NPRpoetry Naturally Goes Outside For Some Earth Day Inspiration
    This weeks #NPRpoetry Twitter submissions celebrate Mother Earth.
  2. Waste Not, Want Not: Why Aren't More Farms Putting Poop To Good Use?
    Digesters convert livestock manure into electricity. Farmers can use it to power their operations or even sell some back to the grid. But some have found the technology too pricey to maintain.
  3. Clashes Over Grazing Land In Nigeria Threaten Nomadic Herding
    Nomadic herders who live across West Africa are having to travel further and further south for their cows to graze. Some are letting cows graze on cropland, leading to deadly conflicts with farmers.
  4. Out Of The Lab And Into The Streets, Science Community Marches For Science
    Thousands of scientists and their supporters took to the streets to advocate for public support for science and technology today in Washington, D.C., and other cities around the country.
  5. In A New 'Anti-Science' Era, Bill Nye 'Saves The World' With Same Optimism
    "The Science Guy" dons his lab coat and bow tie uniform yet again, this time, in a a new political context. In his new Netflix series, Nye tackles climate change deniers and beyond.
  6. First Step To 'Eco-Grieving' Over Climate Change? Admit There's A Problem
    Psychologists say anxiety over climate change is making some people feel overwhelmed. To talk through their worries, a group in Utah is meeting weekly and the idea has drawn interest in other states.
  7. Chew On This For Earth Day: How Our Diets Impact The Planet
    The foods we choose to put on our plates — or toss away – could have more of an ecological impact than many of us realize.
  8. March For Science Organizers Work To Maintain Non-Partisan Position
    A March for Science will be held Saturday in Washington, D.C., and hundreds of other cities in the U.S. Organizers say the march is a non-partisan celebration of science. It's meant to both encourage political leaders to fund science and rely on scientific evidence when making policy decisions. Critics worry the march will turn into an anti-Trump rally and paint scientists as just another interest group.
  9. U.K. May Have 24 Hours Without Coal Power
    The country's National Grid announced Friday it was on its way to a full day without requiring its coal plants to produce power. Britain plans to eliminate the energy source by 2025.
  10. Is It Safe To Eat Moldy Bread?
    No, say food safety experts. Molds can easily penetrate deep into a soft food, like bread. But you can salvage other foods with tougher surfaces, like cabbages, carrots and hard cheeses.
  11. Matt Damon And Gary White On The World's Water Crisis
    One topic at this week's World Bank meetings is water scarcity. David Greene speaks with the co-founders of, actor Matt Damon and Gary White, about people who can't access clean water.
  12. When It Comes To Policymaking, The Rules Don't Apply To Climate Change
    On Saturday, people from around the country will take to the streets in the March for Science. Organizers say that the point of the March is not to make science political, but to highlight the reality of science to politicians, as a guide in policymaking, in which science is an uncharted issue.
  13. Louisiana's Governor Declares State Of Emergency Over Disappearing Coastline
    It's an effort to bring nationwide attention to the issue and speed up the federal permitting process for coastal projects. The state loses the equivalent of one football field of land an hour.
  14. Yosemite Rangers Use Technology To Save Bears From Cars
    Speeding cars have become the biggest threat for bears in Yosemite. But rangers hope tracking tools, like the website where the public can track bears, will help keep both humans and bears safe.
  15. Massive Iceberg Makes A Stop Off Newfoundland Coast
    A huge iceberg has run aground just off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. For now, it's made a home in what is known as "iceberg alley," and in photos, appears to dwarf the houses in town.


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