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  1. Childbirth In The Age Of Addiction: New Mom Worries About Maintaining Her Sobriety
    Pain medications commonly used in labor present medical and mental challenges for pregnant women recovering from opioid addiction.
  2. Another Mass Shooting? 'Compassion Fatigue' Is A Natural Reaction
    As the incidents of mass shootings in the U.S. occur, some people are starting to feel numbed by them. Psychologists says this is normal.
  3. Forum: The Health And Economic Concerns Of Rural Americans
    Join us for a live discussion of major issues facing rural America, based on a recent poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
  4. New Medicare Advantage Benefits Are Supposed To Help Seniors Stay Out Of The Hospital
    To help seniors stay healthy and independent, some Medicare plans will soon cover things like home-delivered meals or rides to the doctor, but finding plans that include the coverage is not easy.
  5. After Midterm Defeat, Advocates For Montana's Medicaid Expansion Turn To Legislature
    If a funding extension can't be hammered out in the Montana Legislature, the state could be the first to undo an expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
  6. A Winning Idea: Medicaid Expansion Prevails In Idaho, Nebraska And Utah
    Voters in Idaho, Utah and Nebraska approved ballot initiatives to expand Medicaid, overcoming roadblocks that had kept an estimated 300,000 people from obtaining coverage.
  7. Despite Warnings, FDA Approves Potent New Opioid Painkiller
    Critics, including some leading anesthesiologists, say the drug is unnecessary, and they worry it will be diverted and abused. The Food And Drug Administration says it is addressing safety concerns.
  8. Big Tobacco Spends Big To Block A Tax And Medicaid Expansion In Montana
    If the state's ballot initiative to fund Medicaid's expansion passes, it will mean a $2-per-pack increase in taxes on cigarettes and a new tax on electronic cigarettes.
  9. For Cervical Cancer Patients, Less Invasive Surgery Is Worse For Survival
    Two new studies suggest that minimally invasive surgery for early stage cervical cancer patients leads to death and recurring disease more often than standard surgery through a large incision.
  10. Looking For ACA Health Insurance For 2019? Here's What To Expect
    Throughout the U.S., subsidies are available to reduce the price of 2019 policies sold on state and federal insurance exchanges. But promotion of the insurance is varying widely from state to state.
  11. Language Barrier Means Millions Of Elderly Can't Access Alzheimer's Trials
    In the U.S., Alzheimer's clinical trials are largely limited to fluent English speakers, which leaves millions of patients without the opportunity to participate and scientists without diverse data.
  12. Voters In 4 States Set To Decide On Medicaid Expansion
    Ballot initiatives in Utah, Nebraska and Idaho will determine whether to expand Medicaid, after legislators refused to do so. Montanans will vote on whether to keep the state's expansion intact.
  13. GOP Revives Medicare Scare Tactics As Election Nears
    Democrats are hammering Republicans over their efforts to eliminate insurance protections for pre-existing conditions. Republicans are telling seniors their Medicare coverage may be in danger.
  14. Bill Of The Month: A $48,329 Allergy Test Is A Lot Of Scratch
    A California college professor never imagined that trying to figure out what was causing her rash could wind up costing so much.
  15. 2 Moves By Trump This Past Week Could Reshape U.S. Health Insurance In Big Ways
    Frustrated that Congress hasn't repealed the Affordable Care Act, the administration continues to make moves that chip away at the ACA's nationwide protections and give states more control.
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