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  1. More Than A Job: Home Care For A Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
    Celina Raddatz worked in eldercare for about 30 years, until her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she quit her job to take care of her. Now Raddatz works as a paid caregiver for her mother.
  2. Landmark Report Concludes Abortion In U.S. Is Safe
    The report says many state laws that make it harder for women to get abortions don't have a medical purpose and can make outcomes worse.
  3. Financial Side Effects From A Prescription For Toenail Fungus
    A prescription for a drug called Kerydin depleted one woman's health reimbursement account without her even knowing it. When should health care providers broach costs with patients?
  4. Revolutionary Pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton Dies At 99
    Pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton revolutionized the way parents interacted with their babies and young children. His career spanned more than half a century and included dozens of books, hundreds of publications and a TV show. He died Tuesday, just shy of his 100th birthday.
  5. SEC Charges Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes With 'Elaborate, Years-Long Fraud'
    Holmes and Theranos promised to revolutionize blood testing. The SEC says they raised $700 million by making "false statements about the company's technology, business, and financial performance."
  6. How Many Opioid Overdoses Are Suicides?
    Opioid overdoses and related deaths are still climbing, according to U.S. statistics. Teasing out which overdoses are intentional can be hard, but is important for treatment, doctors say.
  7. Virginia Republicans Divided On Medicaid Expansion
    Medicaid expansion is a real possibility in Virginia this year. The matter will be taken up in a special session after lawmakers failed to agree on whether or not to do it in the regular session.
  8. For Aspiring Doctors With Disabilities, Many Medical Schools Come Up Short
    A national survey finds medical schools should do more to help doctors with disabilities thrive. While some schools do make needed accommodations, others need to take basic steps to help.
  9. Lifting Medicare's Annual Limits On Physical Therapy Helps Ease Patients' Pain
    Last month's congressional budget deal included some benefits for Medicare recipients that may reduce their drug expenses and increase the coverage for certain therapies.
  10. Fertility Clinic Says Failure May Have Damaged Thousands Of Eggs And Embryos
    The problem hit a San Francisco clinic on March 4 — the same day that a similar cryogenic tank failure was reported in Cleveland.
  11. The Mysterious Case Of 'Vanishing Bone' And Hip Replacements Gone Wrong
    Hip replacements in hundreds of thousands of people began to fail after what seemed like successful surgery. In some cases, people's bones became so weak, just walking could make them snap. Why?
  12. Medical Cargo Could Be The Gateway For Routine Drone Deliveries
    Proposals for drones to carry blood, trauma supplies and lab samples are awaiting approval by the Federal Aviation Administration. If the ideas get a green light, they could usher in a new drone age.
  13. Angola Prison Lawsuit Poses Question: What Kind Of Medical Care Do Inmates Deserve?
    Prisoners have a constitutional right to health care, but inmates at Angola prison in Louisiana are suing for medical shortfalls that have allegedly caused "needless pain and suffering."
  14. No Go For Idaho: State Will Have To Rethink Its 'Freedom' Health Policies
    The Trump administration has advised Idaho that its plan to allow insurance policies that fall short of Obamacare standards could result in penalties for insurers. But another strategy might yet fly.
  15. Pain Specialist Doctor Discusses Different Ways To Treat Chronic Pain
    In light of a new study that finds non-opioid painkillers are just as effective as opioids in treating certain types of chronic pain, Dr. Ajay Wasan, professor and vice chair for pain medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, answers questions from listeners about opioids and chronic pain.
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