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  1. Strange Weather Triggered Bacteria That Killed 200,000 Endangered Antelope
    Over a three-week span in 2015, more than 200,000 saiga antelope suddenly died in Kazakhstan. The animals would be grazing normally, then dead in three hours. A new study points to heat and humidity.
  2. Food Stamp Program Makes Fresh Produce More Affordable
    A federally funded experimental program is partnering with a Latino grocery chain to reward people who use their food stamps to put more fresh produce on their tables.
  3. Salmonella May Have Caused Massive Aztec Epidemic, Study Finds
    The 16th century epidemic, likely set off or exacerbated by European invaders, was one of the most deadly in human history. New evidence traces it to a type of salmonella that causes a deadly fever.
  4. Helping Strangers May Help Teens' Self-Esteem
    Adolescents are under more pressure than ever, and many suffer from depression and anxiety. But new research suggests that volunteering to help strangers makes them feel better about themselves.
  5. Thick, 'Rather Clean' Ice Sheets Are Spotted On Mars
    The size and accessibility of these ice sheets, as well as the fact that they're made of relatively clean water, could be an important resource for astronauts traveling to Mars.
  6. Alcohol-Related ER Visits Soar, Especially Among Women
    The nine-year period ending in 2014 saw a sharp increase in the U.S. of alcohol-related visits to emergency rooms, a study finds. And binge drinking doesn't completely explain it.
  7. Climate Change Means 'Virtually No Male Turtles' Born In A Key Nesting Ground
    Like many reptiles, the sex of a turtle is determined by how warm the egg is as it's being incubated. And small temperature differences can cause dramatic changes in the male-to-female ratio.
  8. A Scientist's Gender Can Skew Research Results
    If a female researcher asks a man if he's in pain, he's less likely to admit it. The effect of gender on study results has been known for years. But it's rarely disclosed or discussed.
  9. 'Butterfly Tongues' Are More Ancient Than Flowers, Fossil Study Finds
    Scientists have discovered the proboscis butterflies use to suck nectar from flowers existed before flowers did. So: What were ancient butterflies using their long, tongue-like suckers for?
  10. Rural And City Women A Little Different In Age At First Sex, Number Of Kids
    In a recent national survey, nearly 80 percent of women living in rural areas reported having experienced sexual intercourse by age 18, compared with 68.6 percent of women in cities.
  11. Study: Great Recession Led To Fewer Deaths
    Recessions are painful for a variety of reasons. A new study shows that during the Great Recession, mortality rates declined faster in areas where the unemployment grew.
  12. Gut Check: Gas-Sniffing Capsule Charts The Digestive Tract
    The electronic pill looks like the biggest multivitamin a human could possibly swallow. Tests have show that the experimental device can measure gases tied to microbes and digestion.
  13. Controversial Social Scientist Charles Murray Retires
    After more than 30 years, The Bell Curve author Charles Murray is taking on a new role as emeritus scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. NPR's Michel Martin talks to Dr. Murray about his career.
  14. Unlike Humans, Bonobos Shun Helpers And Befriend The Bullies
    Given a choice, bonobos tend to prefer people who act like jerks and dominate. That's very different than humans, who even as infants consistently prefer people who are cooperative and not mean.
  15. Ancient Human Remains Document Migration From Asia To America
    A discovery of the remains of two infants in central Alaska provides evidence of the earliest wave of people to move from Asia into the Americas.


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