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  1. Are We About To See A Black Hole?
    A project called the Event Horizon Telescope is analyzing data taken earlier this year using interferometry — and we may be remarkably close to "seeing" a black hole, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.
  2. Cassini's Spectacular Legacy — And Nod To The Future
    Following on Cassini's discoveries, NASA aims to probe Jupiter's Europa for potential life. With every new world we discover, we should look back at our own planet with awe, says Marcelo Gleiser.
  3. Scientists Work To Grow Food In Space
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Gene Giacomelli of the University of Arizona about working with NASA to develop a kind of greenhouse where astronauts can grow crops while in space.
  4. Cassini Spacecraft Burns Up Like A Meteor In Dramatic End To Saturn Mission
    The Cassini spacecraft, which launched almost 20 years ago, ended its mission early Friday morning when it dove directly into Saturn's atmosphere, burning up like a meteor.
  5. Cassini's Saturn Mission Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory
    The NASA probe that has spent the past 13 years making countless discoveries about the ringed planet and its moons was taken out of orbit and sent plunging into Saturn's atmosphere.
  6. Cassini Plunges To Saturn
    The Cassini mission to Saturn ends on Friday. Scientists will steer the spacecraft into Saturn's atmosphere and watch it burn up.
  7. Cassini Spacecraft Set To Complete 13-Year Saturn Mission
    The Cassini spacecraft will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere Friday, incinerating itself in the process. Planet scientist Jonathan Lunine talks about what the mission accomplished and its grand finale.
  8. Is The Apocalypse Coming? No, It Isn't!
    Biblical literalists affirm in The Sign that Sept. 23 is the day the end comes as prophesied in Revelation. Fortunately, the film doesn't only present this version of the story, says Marcelo Gleiser.
  9. Saturn's Strangest Sights, As Captured By A Doomed Spacecraft
    NASA's Cassini spacecraft will crash into Saturn in a few hours, but we'll always have the shots it took of icy volcanoes, hexagonal storms, ethane lakes and ripples in Saturn's rings.
  10. Lessons From The Stars: How To Live On A Climate-Changed World
    Classification of planets offers a way to see how Anthropocenes — and a successful route through them — might be part of a continuum of planetary evolution, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.
  11. Cassini Spacecraft Prepares For A Fiery Farewell In Saturn's Atmosphere
    NASA's probe has spent the past 13 years orbiting Saturn, making a number of important discoveries along the way. On Friday, it will hurl itself into the planet's atmosphere and disintegrate.
  12. Riding Out Irma On Florida's Space Coast — And Keeping An Eye On The Spacecraft
    At the Kennedy Space Center, riding out a hurricane means something a little different. You have to keep the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle capsule happy.
  13. Trump Picks Oklahoma Congressman To Head NASA
    Rep. Jim Bridenstine is a fighter pilot who wants Americans to return to the moon but doesn't believe that humans are causing climate change.
  14. 'American Space Ninja' Back On Earth After Record-Breaking Flight
    Peggy Whitson smashed multiple records after spending a total of 665 days in orbit over the course of her career.
  15. NASA Crew Keeps Eye On ISS At Houston's Johnson Space Center
    A skeleton crew at Houston's Johnson Space Center is tasked with "keeping the lights on" at the International Space Station. NASA flight director Royce Renfrew says they are locked in due to flooding.
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