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  1. In Push For Convenience, Walmart Wants To Help Shoppers Assemble Furniture, Mount TVs
    Walmart has partnered with the app Handy to link customers with home-services professionals. Major retail companies are in a big movement, trying to become more than just places that sell you things.
  2. Facebook: Firm Working With Trump Campaign Stole 50 Million Users' Data
    Cambridge Analytica has been suspended by Facebook for harvesting information from millions of users. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez.
  3. Report: Cambridge Analytica 'Harvested Private Information'
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Matthew Rosenberg of The New York Times about Cambridge Analytica, which allegedly harvested information from millions of Facebook users without their permission.
  4. Spot Fake News By Making It
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with Sander van der Linden of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab about his online game which tries to teach players about fake news by making them produce it.
  5. Can You Choose A Romantic Partner Just By Their Voice? A Dating App Thinks So
    Waving is a Tinder-like app that lets users judge potential partners by their voice. An evolutionary psychologist provides some tips on sounding attractive.
  6. Russian Trolling Continued After Election
    U.S. citizens continue to be targeted by Russian operatives online. Ajah Hales was contacted by a Facebook page that promised to promote black-owned businesses like hers. She talks with Scott Simon.
  7. Follow Up: Did The Computerless Computer Teacher Ever Get A Computer?
    The story of the middle school teacher without a computer prompted an outpouring of support. But did he get any laptops?
  8. Facial Scanning Now Arriving At U.S. Airports
    Airlines say taking a picture of your face speeds boarding, and Homeland Security says it stops fraud. Critics worry about privacy and bias.
  9. How Cobalt Metal Affects Big Tech Firms Like Apple
    Cobalt used to be a byproduct of copper mining, used in everyday, boring stuff like tires and magnets. Now it's one of the most important and sought after metals on the periodic table. This has implications for big tech firms like Apple.
  10. Critics Concerned About Privacy Issues As Biometric Scanning Increases
    The government is steadily increasing the use of facial or biometric scanning at the nation's airports. Airlines say it can speed the boarding process, but critics say the scans aren't always accurate and there are privacy concerns.
  11. Robots Are Now 'Creating New Robots,' Tech Reporter Says
    The evolution of artificial intelligence has exploded over the past five years, leading to computers that can drive and talk. New York Times' Cade Metz explains how machines are learning on their own.
  12. Live High Definition Video From Mars? NASA Is Getting Ready
    NASA is building a new space-based laser communication that will allow live, high-definition video from Mars and beyond — something that's not possible with standard radio equipment.
  13. Google Follows Facebook In Banning Cryptocurrency Ads
    The search giant also announced new restrictions on advertisements for other financial products. The ban on cryptocurrency-related ads follows a similar move by advertising competitor Facebook.
  14. An Ode To Insignificance: Buttons, Touchscreens, And Other Dangerous Technologies
    The most successful technologies are so seductive, user-friendly, and so apparently innocuous that we hardly notice them entering our lives, says Jimena Canales. One such technology? The pushbutton.
  15. President Trump Blocks Broadcom's Takeover Of Qualcomm, Citing National Security
    By acquiring Qualcomm, a leading American chipmaker, the Singapore-based Broadcom "might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States," the president said.


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