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  1. Week Of Trump Reversals Puts 2018 Election Security In The Spotlight
    The security of the midterm vote is a question that's coming up again after President Trump's press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, where Trump seemed to doubt Russia interference.
  2. How Video Games Can Help Us Explore Ideas About Race
    Gaming conventions generate hype for one of the biggest media industries in the world. One convention in New York targets people of color with a theme of how they can create games that incorporate — and teach others — ideas of politics and race.
  3. Fresh Facebook Controversy: Zuckerberg Defends Rights Of Holocaust Deniers
    Mark Zuckerberg is seeking to clarify remarks in which he defended the rights of Holocaust deniers to publish falsehoods on Facebook. In an interview, he attempted to explain why Facebook is reluctant to censor posts that are both untrue and offensive as long as they are not intentionally misleading.
  4. Zuckerberg Looks To Clear Up Stance On Facebook, Fake News And The Holocaust
    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he "didn't intend to defend the intent of people" who deny the Holocaust occurred, after his remarks on fake news and hoaxes were criticized this week.
  5. Immigrant Rights Group Turns Down $250,000 From Tech Firm Over Ties To Border Patrol
    Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been under mounting pressure for the company's contract with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. A Texas nonprofit says it won't accept a contribution from the company.
  6. Three Dimensions, Endless Possibilities
    3-D printing isn't the future. It's changing the world we live in right now.
  7. Who Knew The World Bank And The U.N. Are Emoji Lovers?
    Charities and nonprofit agencies are embracing the symbols to communicate about tough topics like global hunger, poverty and disease.
  8. iTeach: A Guide To The Most Useful Apps For The Classroom
    Here are five educational apps — endorsed by an expert — that teachers love. Plus, what teachers can look for when choosing apps for the classroom.
  9. AI Innovators Take Pledge Against Autonomous Killer Weapons
    "We will neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of" artificial intelligence that is used to kill people, leading AI researchers vowed.
  10. Google Fined $5 Billion By EU For Breaking Antitrust Rules
    The European Commission alleges that by forcing device-makers to install Google apps on Android devices it gains a significant advantage over competitors. Google plans to appeal.
  11. Physicists Go Small: Let's Put A Particle Accelerator On A Chip
    A tiny accelerator could be useful in medicine as well as basic science. Instead of speeding up beams of electrons through giant tunnels, the aim here is to build accelerators on semiconductor chips.
  12. Glass Has Ancient Origins But A High-Tech Future
    Where would the smartphone be without glass? Now glass may change the way you interact with data again — in everything from head-up displays on car windshields to augmented-reality glasses.
  13. Elon Musk Apologizes To Diver In Cave Rescue For Words 'Spoken In Anger'
    The tech entrepreneur apologized after tweeting a personal attack on Vern Unsworth — the diver who used a vulgar comment to dismiss Musk's offer of help in the Thai cave rescue.
  14. Viral WhatsApp Messages Are Triggering Mob Killings In India
    In recent months, about two dozen people across India have been beaten to death by mobs driven to violence by what they've read on social media and messaging apps.
  15. EU Hits Google With $5 Billion Fine For Pushing Apps On Android Users
    The European Commission found that the tech giant broke EU antitrust rules by requiring manufacturers to pre-install the Google and Chrome apps. Google plans to appeal the record fine.
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