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  1. With Amazon's Arrival, A New York Community Pushes To Be Included
    Many residents of the Queensbridge public housing complex feel they have not benefited much from the area's booming development. With Amazon, activists are trying to change that story.
  2. Google Employees Hope To Turn Last Year's Walkouts Into Real Change
    NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Vicki Tardif, a linguist at Google, who led one of the walkouts last year. Now, she's building upon that with a social media campaign to end forced arbitration.
  3. Shutdown Makes Government Websites More Vulnerable To Hackers, Experts Say
    The longer the federal shutdown lasts, the more likely security breaches of government websites become, cyber specialists say. And it could lead to security problems long after the government reopens.
  4. Could The 10-Year Challenge Be Putting Your Data At Risk?
    The viral 10-Year Challenge on social media could train facial recognition technology on how we age, and potentially be used against us, argues author and tech consultant Kate O'Neill.
  5. Senate Finds Russian Bots, Bucks Helped Push Brexit Vote Through
    A recent report on Russian influence operations overseas detailed large amounts of money and effort spent to influence the referendum. Scott Simon talks with The New Yorker's Jane Mayer.
  6. A Former Regulator Rethinks Nuclear Energy
    Greg Jaczko used to lead the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. But in his new book, he says nuclear power is too hazardous.
  7. Netflix Increases Subscription Prices As It Churns Out Original Content
    The hikes, which will affect all U.S. viewers, come as Netflix faces an increasingly competitive field of video streaming services.
  8. Huawei Founder Denies His Firm Spies For China
    In rare remarks to foreign media, Ren Zhengfei says his telecommunications equipment company is independently owned and would not give China user data. Experts disagree.
  9. Congress May Soon Impose New Regulations On Facebook
    Political forces on the left are joining their voices to those of conservative politicians in seeking regulations over social media giant Facebook.
  10. Forget Screen Time Rules — Lean In To Parenting Your Wired Child, Author Says
    In his new book, The New Childhood, Jordan Shapiro argues that we're not spending enough screen time with our kids.
  11. What The Future Of Work Means For Cities
    One of the nation's top economists explores the past and future of work in cities. He finds that opportunities for workers without a college degree are drying up.
  12. Regulators To Ease Restrictions On Drones, Clearing The Way For More Commercial Uses
    Federal regulations haven't kept up with technology, say drone operators and enthusiasts. Now the Department of Transportation is proposing to allow drones to fly over cities and at night.
  13. Iran Is Preparing A Launch. But Is It For A Space Rocket Or A Missile?
    Iran says its intentions are peaceful, but the U.S. worries the planned launches are really about developing weapons — specifically, intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  14. Dread Opening Your Inbox? There's A New Approach To Embracing All Those Emails
    Taylor Lorenz, a staff writer at The Atlantic, says forget "Inbox Zero" for 2019 and embrace "Inbox Infinity." Let the email messages wash over you, replying to what you can and ignoring the rest.
  15. High-Tech Vibrator Ban From CES Show Stirs Claims Of Sexism
    A robotic sex toy for women was pulled from the Consumer Electronics Show. NPR's Sarah McCammon speaks with Wired's Emily Dreyfuss about the controversy.
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