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  1. New Research Casts Doubt On Connection Between Smartphone Use And Teen Mental Health
    New research casts doubt on the connection between smartphone use and teens' mental health. Some argue it is a case of correlation, not causation, and that the threat is overblown.
  2. The End Is Nigh For FogCam, Billed As The Internet's Oldest Running Webcam
    The webcam at San Francisco State University has been in operation since 1994. Now, its creators say they plan to sunset the Internet landmark by the end of the month.
  3. U.S. Gives Huawei Another 90-Day Reprieve Amid Concerns Of Rural Service Disruptions
    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the decision was made in part to minimize disruption in parts of America that rely heavily on Huawei's equipment to serve remote areas.
  4. Trolled Online, Women In Politics Fight To Hold Big Tech Accountable In The U.K.
    The move in Europe to get tough on tech is partly thanks to an awakening that began with the experiences of women in politics.
  5. Got Pain? A Virtual Swim With Dolphins May Help Melt It Away
    A recent study found virtual reality experiences were better at easing pain than watching televised nature scenes. Immersive distraction seems key to the success, scientists say.
  6. This App Aims To Save New Moms' Lives
    The startup Mahmee hopes to help OB-GYNs, pediatricians and other health providers closely monitor a mother and baby's health so that any red flags can be assessed before they become life-threatening.
  7. How One Mom Talks To Her Sons About Hate On The Internet
    White teenage boys are being exposed via social media to groups peddling hate. Writer Joanna Schroeder explains how she protects her kids from the extremist propaganda they encounter online.
  8. These Experimental Shorts Are An 'Exosuit' That Boosts Endurance On The Trail
    No ordinary pair of shorts, these were designed by Harvard scientists to work with the wearer's own leg muscles when walking or running, and might make a soldier's heavy loads easier to carry.
  9. Computer Science Professors Says We Can Probably Make Email Better For Everyone
    NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Cal Newport, a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, about why people are rethinking the usefulness of email for effective work flow.
  10. A Deadly Explosion In Russia Causes International Alarm
    U.S. intelligence officials believe that a nuclear malfunction was behind the deadly blast.
  11. Senator Pushes Bill To Curb 'Exploitative And Addictive' Social Media Practices
    The legislation by a freshman Republican senator would prohibit features like auto-play and infinite scrolling, used by social media companies to keep users on their platform longer.
  12. U.S. Air Regulators Ban MacBook Pros With Recalled Batteries From Flights
    In June, Apple recalled MacBook Pro laptops sold between September 2015 and February 2017 because their batteries posed a fire risk.
  13. Hooked On The Internet, South Korean Teens Go Into Digital Detox
    Online gaming and other digital activities cause problems in people's health, relationships and studies. Government centers treat teen boys and girls who struggle to cut down on use of tech devices.
  14. Is Our Economy In The Upside Down?
    Ten years after the financial crisis, it's like we're in another economic dimension. The old rules don't apply. Textbooks are being thrown out the window. It's time to talk about secular stagnation.
  15. What Parents May Not Realize When They Post About Their Kids Online
    Some say kids have a right to privacy online — and parents pose the greatest danger of violating that right.
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