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  1. Google Warned Senators, Aides Of Hacking Attempts On Personal Emails
    In a recent letter, Sen. Ron Wyden said some senators and Senate staff members were warned by a major tech company "that their personal email accounts were targeted by foreign government hackers."
  2. Hackers Steal $59 Million In Cryptocurrency From Japanese Exchange
    Tech Bureau Corp., which owns the Zaif cryptocurrency exchange, says the security breach occurred last week, and was discovered several days later.
  3. Artificial Intelligence At Home In Pittsburgh
    Once the hub of steel production, Pittsburgh is now a hotspot for another burgeoning industry: artificial intelligence.
  4. Tech Giant Apple Spared Financial Pain In Latest Round Of Tariffs On China
    With the trade tensions on the rise again, Apple has a lot at stake, with its money-making iPhone assembled completely in China. So far, the tech darling has managed to navigate the dispute unscathed.
  5. Do IVF And Other Infertility Tech Lead To Health Risks For The Baby? Maybe
    A small study of teens who were conceived via assisted reproductive technology finds a significant number already have hypertension and premature "age-related changes" in their blood vessels.
  6. Have A Cool Idea To Help End World Hunger? Pitch It To The U.N.
    At the World Food Programme's Innovation Accelerator, teams test out new proposals to stop hunger. Anyone can submit an idea. And September deadlines are coming up.
  7. Facebook Allowed Employers To Exclude Women From Job Ads, ACLU Says
    The complaint, filed Tuesday, says 10 businesses prevented women from receiving employment opportunities on the website. It also accused Facebook of excluding women in its own company.
  8. Georgia Will Use Electronic Voting Machines This Fall As Paper Ballot Case Falters
    A judge said such a paper ballot rollout would "seriously test" the capacity of election workers and "swamp the polls with work and voters," leading to "disaffection and frustration."
  9. Technology Helps Motorists Maneuver In A Natural Disaster
    When it comes to getting help navigating a natural disaster, there's so much technology available, the options are almost overwhelming. What works?
  10. Tech In Times Of Trouble
    Natural disaster? There's an app for that.
  11. Giant 'Pac-Man' Launched To Gobble Garbage Patch
    Last Saturday, the nonprofit Ocean Cleanup dispatched a device to help clean up litter in the Pacific Ocean. NPR's Michel Martin talks with Boyan Slat, the young CEO who came up with the idea.
  12. Gov. Brown's Biggest Climate Foe Isn't Trump. It's Car-Loving Californians
    Gov. Jerry Brown of California wants the state to radically cut carbon emissions. But to meet those goals, every new vehicle sold in California by 2040 will have to be a zero-emission model.
  13. Does Facebook Really Work? People Question Effectiveness Of Ads
    Facebook would be Don Draper's dream come true — offering the ability to target ads based on what people love or hate. But some advertisers say it misleads them about what all that data can do.
  14. New Apple Watch To Detect Abnormal Heartbeats
    The focus heading into Apple's event was on its new iPhones, but it also unveiled a redesigned Apple Watch with a sensor allowing users to take an electrocardiogram they can share with their doctor.
  15. Blind Grocery Shoppers Access 'Second Set Of Eyes' Through App At Wegmans
    An app service known as Aira is connecting blind and visually impaired grocery shoppers with sighted guides that help them navigate the aisles at Wegmans through their smartphones.


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