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  1. Woman Has Sextuplets: The Science of Multiple Births
    A woman in Virginia recently gave birth to sextuplets, but how does such a high-order pregnancy happen?
  2. Massive California Landslide Visible from Space
    A massive California landslide that covered a huge swath of a coastal highway in rubble was captured in satellite images.
  3. Shopping Hungry? Psychology Trick Could Stifle Bad Food Choices
    It's a scenario you've probably experienced: You go to the supermarket hungry, and you end up with a shopping cart filled with foods you probably wouldn't buy if you weren't feeling famished.
  4. Could This Backpack-Wearing Pigeon Really Deliver Drugs?
    Police captured an unlikely drug smuggler — a homing pigeon — carrying a custom-made backpack loaded with what supposedly are 178 ecstasy pills. But are pigeons adept enough to navigate for deliveries?
  5. Chewbacca to Jabba the Hutt: 10 Real 'Star Wars' Beasts in the Animal Kingdom
    From Star Wars characters Wookies to the sarlacc in the Pit of Carkoon, here are 10 creatures you might recognize in the here and now.
  6. Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space
    The vacuum of empty space may be roiling with energy that drives the expansion of space itself, a new hypothesis proposes.
  7. Dads' Brains React Differently to Sons and Daughters
    Dads with daughters interact differently with their kids than fathers with sons, a new study suggests.
  8. Less Invasive Autopsy Should Be Standard Practice, Study Says
    A new, less invasive method of conducting autopsies could one day replace the traditional procedure for diagnosing the causes of many deaths, according to a new study.
  9. Kind of Blue: Beautiful Algae Images in Rare 19th-Century Book (Photos)
    Nineteenth-century cyanotypes — an early form of photography — capture the delicate beauty of British algae.
  10. Can a Woman's Heart Rate Show When She's Fertile?
    A woman's heart rate appears to increase slightly when she's at the most fertile point in her menstrual cycle.
  11. Spray-On Touch Screens? How to Turn Any Flat Surface into a Touchpad
    With just a can of spray paint, researchers can turn flat surfaces of any shape or size into touchpads.
  12. Massive Marine Reptile Terrorized Squid During the Dinosaur Age
    A newly identified, 130-million-year-old marine reptile was enormous, measuring the length of nearly three grand pianos lined up, but it wasn't a top marine predator, a new study finds.
  13. Henge Monument and Mysterious Burials Uncovered in England
    Archaeologists found a 4,000-year-old henge in England that contained five human burials.
  14. Robotic Exoskeletons Reveal the Complexity Behind Every Step You Take
    Harvard researchers aim to improve robotic therapy for those learning to walk again.
  15. Mysterious New Henge in England (Photos)
    Archaeologists in England discovered a Neolithic earthwork and burial site that could date back to 2000 B.C.
  16. Florida Paradise Nabs Top Spot on 2017 Best Beaches List
    This year's top beach features expanses of fine-grained white-quartz sand and warm, clear waters.
  17. In Photos: The Best US Beaches of 2017
    Summer is here, and that means that "Dr. Beach" has again released his top 10 list of public beaches in the United States.
  18. 2 Missing WWII B-25 Bombers Found in the Pacific Ocean
    Using a sonar-equipped underwater robot, a team of scientists has discovered the debris of a missing World War II-era B-25 bomber plane off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
  19. Mermaids & Mermen: Facts & Legends
    Mermaids — legendary half-human, half marine creatures — have fascinated people for centuries and inspired many "sightings."
  20. 'Lotus Birth': What Experts Say About Cutting the Cord
    Experts are skeptical about the neonatal practice of "lotus birth," in which parents opt out of severing their newborn's umbilical cord.
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