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  1. Woman's Swollen Pinkie Finger Was Rare Sign of Tuberculosis
    For one woman in California, a puffy pinkie was a rare sign of tuberculosis, according to a new report of the case.
  2. Daylight Saving Time 2018: A Guide to the When, Why, What and How
    Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about Daylight Saving Time (often misspelled as "savings"), including times, dates, its history and more.
  3. Confirmed: If You Give an Octopus MDMA, It Will Get All Cuddly
    It appears that, yes, octopuses can get high on ecstasy.
  4. This Machine Will Hug Your 'Soft Bodies' and Force Them to Be Twitchy Robots
    Say goodbye to your favorite teddy bear. It's robo-Teddy now.
  5. Child-Porn Investigation Caused New Mexico Observatory Closure: Report
    An FBI investigation into child pornography caused the peculiar closure of a New Mexico solar observatory earlier this month, according to the news agency Reuters.
  6. How Do You Dispose of a Dead Whale? (Hint: Not in a Tiny Dumpster)
    Big whales washing ashore create logistical challenges, as the city of Rye, New Hampshire, found out the hard way.
  7. Praying Mantis That Catches Fish Is a Guppy's Worst Nightmare
    Scientists observed the first-ever evidence of praying mantises hunting fish.
  8. Without Claws or Armor, 520-Million-Year-Old 'Naked' Critter Was Likely a Loner
    A 'naked,' wormlike creature that lived in the ocean 520 million years ago was so defenseless, it likely lived as a recluse, evading hungry predators by hiding in dark crevices or among clusters of sponges, a new study finds.
  9. Why Women Are Still Attracted to 'Benevolently Sexist' Men
    But researchers have also revealed a paradox: Women prefer men who behave in ways that could be described as benevolently sexist over those who don't.
  10. Already Weird Atoms Get Stranger, May Hold Ability to Bond with 'Nothing'
    Trilobite atoms can bind to ghost atoms, aka those that don't exist.
  11. Rare Footage Shows Beautiful Orcas Toying with Helpless Sea Turtles
    Caught on camera: orcas torment awkward sea turtles.
  12. Pufferfish 'Artist' Crafts Intricate Sand Wheel in Captivating Video
    Mating time offers Japanese pufferfish a chance to demonstrate their artistic side.
  13. Traces of the World's First 'Microbrew' Found in a Cave in Israel
    The world's oldest beer may have been brewed for a funeral 13,000 years ago.
  14. 1,000-Foot-Long Spider Web Is Just a Summer Orgy, Expert Says
    Don't worry; it's for mating.
  15. Florence Unleashing a Flood of Pig Poop on North Carolina
    Rain and flooding is causing a pig poop problem in North Carolina.
  16. Scientists Just Found the Guys Who Are Killing Africa’s Elephants
    How do you crack the complicated empire of cartels that kill hundreds of thousands of elephants every year for their ivory? You put an international slew of gumshoe geneticists on their tail.
  17. Photos: Seized Elephant Ivory Reveals How Massive Cartels Operate
    Scientists are using elephant DNA to crack the code on ivory cartels.
  18. Cobra-Crowned Sphinx Statue with Ceremonial Beard Discovered in Egypt
    The small statue was found at the Temple of Kom Ombo.
  19. Hey, Spock! Real-Life 'Planet Vulcan' Discovered
    "Star Trek's" planet Vulcan, ancestral home of Spock and his species, just became a little more real, thanks to a team of exoplanet scientists.
  20. The Strongest Material in the Universe Could Be (Nuclear) Pasta
    These noodles of neutrons may be 10 billion times stronger than steel.


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