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  1. Russian Scientists Tested Their Asteroid-Nuking Plan with Powerful Lasers
    Russian scientists have a plan to deal with the asteroid threat straight out of the movie "Armageddon."
  2. Young Blood: Magic or Medicine?
    Recent scientific studies have claimed, almost vampire-like, that transfusions of blood from teenagers can help delay or reverse the ageing process. Where do these claims come from? Do they stack up?
  3. Adults Stop Growing New Neurons in This Part of the Brain
    When our recent study met significant skepticism, we weren't surprised. After all, we ourselves remained skeptical of what we were seeing throughout our investigation.
  4. 17th-Century Houseguests Slaughtered Hosts, and Archaeologists Are Investigating
    For the chief of a 17th-century Scottish clan, missing a deadline was nothing to shrug off. Here's why.
  5. Expect a Warm, Wet Spring Across the US
    Even so, regions hit by drought will see little relief, NOAA forecasts.
  6. Photos: These Animals Used to Be Giants
    These animals used to be giant.
  7. 17 Billion? How the CDC Estimated How Many Binge Drinks US Downs Each Year
    U.S. adults consume more than 17 billion alcoholic drinks during binges each year. But how did researchers calculate this?
  8. 'Virtual Particles' Could Create Dark, Echoing Dead Stars
    There might be a massive, dead star out there that bends the stuff of raw vacuum and prevents itself from collapsing into a black hole.
  9. The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
    Here are the most interesting, amazing and unusual things that happened in the world of science this week. A recap of Live Science's best.
  10. Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week
    Here are the stories behind the most amazing images in the world of science this week. A recap of the coolest photos featured on Live Science.
  11. Circulatory System: Facts, Function & Diseases
    The human circulatory system keeps blood, oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body.
  12. 5 Weird Effects of Bug Bites
    As if bug bites weren't already the worst.
  13. Turkey Vultures: Photos Reveal an Icon of the American West
    The American West has long been as much of an idea and a dream as an actual place. And one of its stars is surely the turkey vulture. Here's a look at the majestic birds in all their glory.
  14. Watch a Robot Solve a Rubik's Cube in 0.38 Seconds
    This robot goes to MIT and just set a world Rubik's Cube speed record. If robots had grandparents, this one's would be very proud.
  15. These 'Alien' Mummies Appear to Be a Mix of Looted Body Parts
    Bizarre images of three-fingered "mummies" seem to be a collection of parts stolen from actual human mummies in Peru.
  16. We Were Totally Wrong About That Scott Kelly Space Genes Story
    We reported that after a year in space, Scott Kelly's genes were altered to the degree that he and his brother were no longer identical twins. Here's what we got wrong.
  17. Pythons Are Cold-Blooded Killers But At Least They're Not Negligent Mothers
    Python moms care for their babies, even though it wears them down.
  18. I Went to Space and Floated Above Earth Thanks to This Immersive Helmet
    A space helmet "theater" showed me an astronaut's view of Earth.
  19. This Week's Strangest Science News
    Ready to get weird? Here are some of the strangest stories on Live Science this week.
  20. Chillaxing? 'Snorkeling' Walrus Charms Twitter
    A "snorkeling" walrus has achieved its 15 minutes of fame after a photo of the flippered behemoth was tweeted along with this oddly charming wildlife fact: "Good morning, walruses sometimes hook their teeth on the ice and relax."


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