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  1. Earth-Like Worlds Might Be as 'Common as Ants at a Picnic'
    The discovery of a trove of potential alien planets, including Earth-like ones, is good news for those looking for E.T.
  2. Astronomers Find 6-Pack of Planets in Alien Solar System
    Astronomers have discovered an alien solar system in which six planets are orbiting a sunlike star, with five of the newfound worlds in close-knit configuration.
  3. Challenger Shuttle Disaster: 25 Years Later
    NASA recalls darkest moments in spaceflight history.
  4. Wild Birds Advertise With Plastic "Signs"
    Birds that decorate nests with large amounts of white plastic have the most offspring, best territories and fewest intruders according to researchers in Spain. This may be an indication that many animals use symbolic communication.
  5. Worm Sex
    After sex, Macrostomum lignano flatworms suck out unwanted sperm. So, their sperm have bristles to help them stay in place. The sperm of related worms, which don't suck out sperm, have no bristles. This led researchers to conclude sex shapes sperm.
  6. Rewriting the History of Our Solar System
    Planetary scientist Bill Bottke recently discussed a new model that suggests how a collision event and the effects of gravity may have caused Uranus and Neptune to migrate from their original positions.
  7. Mysterious 'Galaxy X' Around Milky Way May Soon be Found
    A dwarf galaxy that is too dim to see but is thought to orbit the Milky Way could soon be found using a new mathematical technique that analyzes ripples in the distribution of gas in spiral galaxies.
  8. New Dark Matter Map Created for Big Galaxies
    Researchers have mapped out the dark matter in a sample of huge galaxies, determining where the strange stuff resides and how much of it there is.
  9. Newly Hatched Penguin Chick's First Check Up
    The newly hatched african blackfooted penguin chick during its first veterinary exam.
  10. Most Distant Galaxy Cluster Discovered
    Study finds a 'protocluster' of galaxies as they were only a billion years after the Big Bang
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