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  1. Brain Development May Start With Surprisingly Bad Wiring
    Neurons in the cerebellum form a surprising number of bad connections during development, according to a study in mice.
  2. Teens' Best Friend? Kids with Dogs Exercise More
    Teens with dogs exercise vigorously 15 more minutes a week than teens without pets.
  3. Heart Scan Radiation Linked to Small Rise in Cancer Risk
    But the benefits of getting a heart scan after a heart attack likely outweigh potential cancer risks, experts say.
  4. US Loses Its Fat Supremacy
    Bad news is Americans aren't getting any thinner.
  5. Long-Shot GOP Budget Proposal Would Slash Science Funding
    The thriftiest of Republican budget proposals would dramatically reduce spending in federal agencies dedicated to science.
  6. False Advertising: Vitamin Water Isn't a Flu Vaccine
    Glaceau's new ad campaign claims zinc and vitamin C in Vitamin Water help prevent colds and flu. Life's Little Mysteries' expert checks those facts.
  7. Polygamous Mice Are Better Breeders
    Monogamous mice have weak sperm and are less successful mates.
  8. Brain Stimulation Sparks Insight
    By stimulating one part of study subjects' brains and inhibiting another part, researchers got three times as many insightful solutions.
  9. Drug Abusers Can't Read Faces, Study Suggests
    Abusers had trouble identifying wrath, disgust, fear and sadness by facial expression.
  10. Human Genome Turns 10: 5 Lessons Learned
    Experts talk about what we've learned about us from the human genome and what mysteries still remain.
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