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  1. Horsewhipping Study Whips Up Controversy
    Study questions whether whips make racehorses run faster.
  2. Pulling Out Feathers: Group Living Stresses Ravens
    But group-living gives them an evolutionary advantage during their youth.
  3. Dapper Blue Penguin: Tux Is a Feathery First
    The fiber is not a pigment, but a structure that reflects blue feather coloring.
  4. Shark Attacks Hit 10-Year High
    If you are attacked, one expert says to bang the shark on the nose, hard.
  5. Loss of Arctic Ice Imperils Polar Bear Births
    Tough times are in store for Canada's Hudson Bay polar bears if warming continues.
  6. 'Do Not Disturb,' Monkey Gesture Says
    Some monkeys at an English zoo make a unique gesture – covering their eyes to ward of interaction – that provides further evidence of animal culture.
  7. Singing in the Rain Forest: Gibbons Have Accents
    Songs vary by location and genetic relationship between species
  8. X-rays Reveal Ancient Snake's Hidden Leg
    A new look at a 95-million-year-old fossilized snake reveals two tiny leg bones attached to the slithery creature's pelvis.
  9. Ancient Carnivorous Insect Sported Snowshoes
    The oddball used its lobe-like feet to run across the sand and snag meaty prey.
  10. Tiny Water Flea's Promising Role: Environmental Monitor
    The first crustacean genome has been sequenced, opening the door for new methods of environmental research.


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