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  1. Lowly Worms Get Their Place in the Tree of Life
    They poop and feed from the same hole, but these worms hang from same family tree as humans.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: Egyptian Protests
    Here's what you need to know to understand the Egyptian protests.
  3. Crystal Clear: How Vikings Navigated on Cloudy Days
    Sunstones would have allowed Vikings to locate North on foggy days.
  4. Architect: Great Pyramid May Hold Secret Rooms
    Was the Great Pyramid built from the inside out?
  5. Ancient Arabian Artifacts May Rewrite ‘Out of Africa’ Story
    Early humans may have rafted out of Africa 40,000 years earlier than thought.
  6. The Neanderthal Nose Enigma: Why So Big?
    A mystery of Neanderthals for more than a century is one that's literally as plain as the noses on their faces — why did they have such big schnozes?
  7. In Vino Veritas: Wine Cups Tell History of Athenian Life
    Wine cups used at social gatherings in ancient Athens reflect the Greek state's movement to democracy and then away, according to one archeologist.
  8. Neanderthals Had Similar Life Spans to Modern Humans
    Why scientists rarely dig up an elderly Neanderthal.
  9. Missing Pieces from Statue of King Tut's Grandparents Found
    Six missing pieces from a colossal double statue of King Tut's grandparents have been discovered at a temple on Luxor's west bank.
  10. Humans Got Lice When We Clothed Our Naked, Hairless Bodies
    That happened some 170,000 years ago.
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