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  1. Father's Day for Daddy Rhea Bird
    The male rhea at the National Zoo will spend Father's Day as the proud papa of four new baby chicks.
  2. Ancient Beachcombers May Have Traveled Slowly
    New evidence from the oldest discovered human settlement, Monte Verde in southern Chile, indicates that archaeologists shouldn’t rush to conclusions about the perceived rush to migrate into the Americas.
  3. Finding Answers in the Clouds
    Automated flying science experiments have shown that air pollution may help keep the planet cool..
  4. Kangaroos Threaten Earless Dragon
    Kangaroos threaten the last remaining earless dragons, one of the rarest lizards in the world.
  5. Kangaroos Threaten Earless Dragon
    The survival of one of the world’s rarest reptiles is threatened by an overabundance of kangaroos.
  6. A male and female Yangtze softshell turtle were recently united in the hopes that they will repopulate their species.
  7. Three species of coccolithophores, single celled algae, are arming themselves against the acidification of the oceans.
  8. A quick zap in the microwave may be all that's needed to get rid of unwanted invasive species.
  9. Some people go fishing on their day off. Yves Rossy likes to jump out of a small plane with a pair of jet-powered wings and perform figure eights above the Swiss Alps.
  10. The wreck of the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor is at risk from human activity and natural deterioration.
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