Science on Religion is the outreach site for the Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion (IBCSR), a research institute within the Center for Mind and Culture (CMAC) that conducts, promotes, and communicates research into the biological and cultural functions of religion.

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For more information about ScienceOnReligion.org, IBCSR, or CMAC, contact admin@mindandculture.org.

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IBCSR is a membership organization. You can become a member, register to receive the IBCSR Research Review, and learn more about IBCSR at ibcsr.org.

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  • Members of the Institute receive a year’s subscription to IBCSR’s journal, Religion, Brain & Behavior, published by Taylor & Francis. The premier peer-reviewed journal for research in the biocultural study of religion, Religion, Brain & Behavior offers cutting-edge research and commentary on evolution, neuroscience, cultural studies, medicine, and religion. Membership is for one calendar year and those who join the Institute before November 30 will receive all issues for the year in which they become a member.
  • The general public can register to receive for free the IBCSR Research Review, an invaluable resource summarizing each month’s most relevant research publications in the biocultural study of religion.
  • Institute members have privileged access to a powerful, searchable database of all relevant journal articles and books ever published in the bio-cultural study of religion and in spirituality, medicine, and health research—including all publications collected in the IBCSR Research Review. Access to this extraordinary resource is highly valuable for researchers, students, and journalists.
  • Members optionally receive occasional electronic mailings and newsletters containing news about the Institute and about the scientific study of religion.