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How we pray

May 6, 2011 Dave Rohr 0

Most have long recognized that political liberals and conservatives have different outlooks on life. More precisely, research indicates that liberals tend to emphasize provision and […]

Predestined to be liberal?

November 16, 2010 Dave Rohr 0

Most people like to think they’ve carefully thought out their positions. They’ll say that they’ve fairly assessed both sides of an issue and have come […]

Religiosity and dogmatism

October 18, 2010 Dave Rohr 0

We’ve all seen it: religious extremists with signs protesting a seemingly innocuous event. Or perhaps hardcore believers dogmatically arguing with someone about religion. But are […]

Born into religion

October 11, 2010 Dave Rohr 0

It is often taken for granted that children will just inherit the religion of their parents. Clearly, it seems, nurture trumps nature in terms of […]