Book Reviews

  • Review: Rethinking Religion
    In this groundbreaking book, E. Thomas Lawson and Robert N. McCauley proclaim the birth of the field of cognitive science of religion by presenting a […]
  • Review: Atheist Delusions
    Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies has a most unfortunate title, and one not of the author’s making (the subtitle is Hart’s […]
  • Review: Beyond the Brain
    Complex and flexible behavior is a major mark of intelligence. But does complex behavior necessarily require a complex brain? The basic goal of the psychologist […]
  • Review: Why God Won’t Go Away
    Andrew Newberg, Eugene D’Aquili, and Vince Rause, the authors of Why God Won’t Go Away, present a neurological model for spiritual experience. Considering the book’s […]
  • Review: The Descent of Man
    For contemporary readers seeking out a lucid, interdisciplinary Darwinian theory of religion, no need to stop at New Atheists Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins. Charles […]
  • Review: Inside the Neolithic Mind
    David Lewis-Williams and David Pearce’s Inside the Neolithic Mind (Thames & Hudson, 2005) claims to descend into the nebulous world of Neolithic people’s consciousness in […]
  • Review: Medicine, Religion, and Health
    With Medicine, Religion, and Health (Templeton Foundation Press, 2008), Harold Koenig makes a valuable contribution to understanding the relationship between religion, spirituality, and health for […]
  • Review: Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity
    As one might expect given the title, Roy Rappaport in Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity (Cambridge University Press, 1999) spends a great […]
  • Review: Saving God
    Most professors of religion seem content to stay in their ivory tower. They stand above popular-level religious debates and so have little to do with […]
  • Review: The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain
    It is a pleasure to review a book about the science of spirituality that is refreshingly free of ideological axes to grind. The author of […]
  • Review: Religion in Mind
    Given its penchant for to publishing findings in obscure journals, one can easily miss the profound discoveries in the field of the cognitive study of […]
  • Book review: Science and the Spiritual Quest
    Nearly a decade and a half ago, an elite group of scientists gathered in Berkeley, California, to participate in a groundbreaking project called Science and […]
  • Book review: Andrew Newberg’s Principles of Neurotheology
    Until recently, the standard position in the perennial religion vs. science wars was one of truce. Stephen J. Gould, the late evolutionary biologist, coined the […]
  • Review: Principles of Neurotheology
    One of the most fundamental quandaries in theology and philosophy is the pernicious difficulty of using the mind to examine itself. The trickiness of inverting […]
  • Review: The Grand Design
    It often seems that religion and philosophy have been fighting a losing battle. They’re no longer seen as credible in terms of addressing questions like […]
  • Review: The Empirical Stance
    Renowned philosopher of science Bas C. van Fraassen (Princeton University) had long remained silent on issues of religion. So by his own admission he was […]
  • Religion is a celebration of excellence: Review of – ‘Born Rich’
    One of the major theories of religion advanced in the 19th century, most particularly by Nietzsche, is that it is fueled by envy, fear, and […]
  • Ann Taves’s Religious Experience Reconsidered
    For those of us who view some features or aspects of religion (such as ritual or religious experience) as adaptive, their sui generis character presents […]
  • Bruya’s Effortless Attention
    Everyone has experiences of being “in the zone.” These usually occur while engaged in some challenging but enjoyable activity, like playing basketball or ballroom dancing. […]
  • Wallace’s Contemplative Science
    Buddhist scholar, B. Alan Wallace’s Contemplative Science: Where Buddhism and Neuroscience Converge (Columbia University Press, 2007) is an attractive read for anyone interested in neuroscience, […]
  • V.V. Raman’s Truth and Tension in Science and Religion
    Professor emeritus Raman deals with the title theme in 10 chapters: Introduction, On science and religion, Epistemological aspects, Explanatory dimensions, Belief systems and God, Spiritual […]
  • Is the brain a computer?
    Can human thought be understood as an elaborate form of computation? A quick survey of some of the most influential cognitive scientists (including Steven Pinker […]
  • Review of recent religion-and-science articles in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion
    It seems that conversations about religion and cognitive science are heating up in the American Academy of Religion (AAR), the nation’s largest organization of religion […]
  • Book: The Spiritual Brain
    Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard’s new book is titled The Spiritual Brain. He advances a case for the existence of the soul. Is it possible to agree […]