Review: Religion in Mind

August 2, 2011 Dave Rohr 0

Given its penchant for to publishing findings in obscure journals, one can easily miss the profound discoveries in the field of the cognitive study of […]

Review: The Grand Design

December 10, 2010 Dave Rohr 0

It often seems that religion and philosophy have been fighting a losing battle. They’re no longer seen as credible in terms of addressing questions like […]

Bruya’s Effortless Attention

June 29, 2010 Dave Rohr 0

Everyone has experiences of being “in the zone.” These usually occur while engaged in some challenging but enjoyable activity, like playing basketball or ballroom dancing. […]

Wallace’s Contemplative Science

December 21, 2009 Dave Rohr 0

Buddhist scholar, B. Alan Wallace’s Contemplative Science: Where Buddhism and Neuroscience Converge (Columbia University Press, 2007) is an attractive read for anyone interested in neuroscience, […]